How to print with the iPad on any printer, without cables

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Print wirelessly with the iPad is not a complicated task thanks to technology AirPrint from Apple . It is included in the operating system, and a few small touches are enough to have the document printed. In addition, the equipment does not freeze while the printer works and allows other tasks to be carried out . Everything would be perfect, if it weren't for the fact that only one of the compatible printers can be used to use this technology . Not all of them are, although the number has grown a lot in recent months. You can see a list here .

If your printer is on this list, congratulations, you're in luck. Your iPad will automatically find and connect to any compatible printer you have installed on your Wi-Fi wireless network . You can print your documents even when the printer is far away, even in another room. Wireless technology is transparent. It can with any format and type of document , including photographs or web pages without problems. Of course, things change, if you have a somewhat older Wi-Fi wireless printer, or if it is not on the list of compatible printers.

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That's when you have to turn to third-party technology . If you don't want to spend money, you can download the ePrint Free program . It can be installed on an iPad , an iPhone or an iPod touch , and it is a trial version, but unlimited. It works with printers from a variety of manufacturers except Canon, Brother, Samsung, and Lexmark inkjet printers , which can make the program somewhat limited. Sure it's free . The printer only needs to be connected to the local wireless network , and have its own IP address. The desktop computer does not even need to be connected, because with this application the iPad, and even the iPhone mobile phone, will send the documents to the printer.

But there is still another option , in this case of payment . It is Printopia . Works with both iPhone and iPad . With this program you need to install the application on your Mac laptop or desktop computer . Only in this way, you can share the printers connected to the computer with the tablet. It is very powerful software, which allows you to configure various printer options such as paper size, quality impresses the color options . It costs about 20 euros to change, which is not too much money, but you are not buying blindly because you can download onetrial version that will allow you to work for seven days, more than enough time to see if it detects your printer, and how much it can get out of it. It also allows you to create virtual printers to save documents in PDF .