The best TVs we saw at CES 2017

lg signature w7 oled side

At CES 2017 we got to see a lot of tech gadgets, but once again televisions were one of the stars of the event. We were able to see how most companies have jumped on the OLED technology bandwagon , in addition to seeing the new proposals that promise to make the most of LED technology during this year 2017. Many different models were shown there, but some stood out above the rest . Now that we have had time to process the news we saw there, we wanted to collect what we think are the best televisions we saw at CES 2017 .

LG Signature W7

lg signature w7 oled wall

LG has managed to be the benchmark in the high-end market with its OLED televisions, and that has given it wings to continue creating true wonders. We could see one of them at CES 2017 . The Signature W7 is the new flagship of the Korean company. A television surprised everyone with a thickness of only 2.57 mm , one system wall mounting with magnetic media and bar compatible external sound with Dolby Atmos . A TV that is also prepared for the future of HDR broadcasts, as it supports all the standards that currently exist on the market and those to come: HDR10 , Dolby VisionHLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and  Advanced HDR Technicolor .


sony oled a1e cover

Sony has decided to enter the OLED TV market through the front door. At CES 2017 we got to see the Sony A1E OLED , a TV that incorporates a 4K OLED panel (made by LG ), HDR Dolby Vision technology and the magnificent 4K HDR X1 Extreme image processor . But the panel is not the only thing that stands out in the new television of the Japanese company. In addition to sporting a spectacular easel-shaped design , the Sony A1E OLED incorporates a new sound system called “Acoustic Surface” . This system uses the  full length of the screen as a loudspeakerthus allowing sound to emanate directly from the screen.

Samsung QLED

samsung qled q9 q8 q7

Samsung is practically the only company that still does not bet on OLED technology. The Korean company insists on improving LED panels and making the most of Quantum Dot technology . For this year it brings us a new change of nomenclature in its high range, going from the SUHD models of 2016 to the new QLEDs . To improve image quality, the company has relied on two main points: the ability to display 100% of the DCI-P3 color space and increasing the  maximum brightness to 1,500 and 2,000 nits . Added to this is the use of, according to the company, new quantum dots called "Quantum Dot metal" , which improve brightness and viewing angle.

Along with the new panels,  Samsung continues to take maximum care of the design of its televisions, now with the possibility of choosing two types of support. And we will also see a renewal of Tizen OS , the company's Smart TV system, as usual.

Panasonic EZ1000

panasonic ez1000

We finish with another bet on OLED technology. The Panasonic EZ1000 incorporates an OLED HDR Master panel that improves on its predecessor with twice the brightness and with the ability to reproduce almost the entire DCI color space . On the other hand, it incorporates the Absolute Black filter , which absorbs ambient light and reflections to ensure truly pure blacks. To all this is added the Studio Color HCX2 image processor , which the company claims is the most powerful it has ever manufactured. As for HDR, the Japanese company is committed to HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) systems , butit leaves out the Dolby Vision system .

The operating system of the Panasonic EZ1000 is once again the somewhat decaffeinated Firefox OS . We will have to wait to see if this system has improved.

And so far what we think have been the best televisions of the past CES 2017 . A fair that has marked the foundations of the future of televisions, almost definitely killing 3D and leaving curves aside a bit.