The funniest memes of Zidane's return to the Real Madrid bench

The funniest memes of Zidane's return to the Real Madrid bench

After his elimination in the second round of the Champions League against an immense Ajax and being out of all competitions, Real Madrid decided that Solari's adventure at the head of the team had come to an end and quickly contacted Zidane to reinstate him in the club immediately.

Zinedine Zidane returns to Real Madrid for almost 10 months, or 283 days, after leaving last May with the hope that a successful second cycle with the meringues will be repeated after having won three Champions League titles in a row and a League in just two and a half years as a technician.

How could it be otherwise, his return has flooded social networks with memes, and we have dedicated ourselves to selecting the funniest.

We start with a meme that refers to the statements of the French technician that almost always begins with a "you know" (or "you know" for the most purists). Many already eagerly await the first words of the French in his statements after his return.

First question to Zidane: "Why is he coming back to Madrid?" And his answer will be "You know"

- Ricardo Ortiz (@Rortiz_ESPN) March 11, 2019

Others, however, already imagine what their return to the dressing room will be like after an inflammatory season in which Real Madrid had to say goodbye to all titles. To forget.

Zidane arriving at the Madrid dressing room

- Leon (@ pleon18) March 11, 2019

Another possibility that was speculated during these days was the return of the controversial José Mourinho at the head of the club, creating a strong division among the fans. Luckily for some, for others not so much, the end of this story has been different and the future of the Portuguese coach is not linked (for the moment) to Real Madrid.

I'm all excited about going to Madrid and in the end they sign Zidane as a coach.

- Llourinho (@Llourinho) March 11, 2019

Although the situation gives to take a few laughs, we believe that the return of Zizou responds to something more tangible. Something like an amount of money large enough to bathe in it in a lap pool.

-Zidane, why do you go back to the same team that you left because you saw it decomposing when it is even more decomposed?

-I don't know, because of the laughs?

- laquintacolumna (@laquintacolumna) March 11, 2019

More or less so.

Is Zidane back? His salary

- Gaston Jukonis (@JotaJukonis) March 11, 2019

Only HE can get Real Madrid out of its deep crisis. SUPERMAN ZIDANE RETURNS !!


Either because of his career wearing the colors of Real Madrid or because of his incredible record at the helm for almost three seasons, the truth is that the return of Zidane is cause for joy and happiness for everyone… Oh wait.


Relax James, you are not the only one who is suffering.


Those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it.

#LaLiga | Does Santiago Solari leave and does Zinedine Zidane enter Real Madrid?

The last time it happened….

- Nexofin (@Nexofin) March 12, 2019

In a compilation of memes worth its salt, the Simpsons could not be missing. The truth is that Zidane's ups and downs with the merengue club reminds us a lot of this nice gif of Grandpa Simpson entering and leaving the cabaret.


- Brian's Mother (@LaMadredeBrian) March 11, 2019

Come on, another from Mourinho to close the post. We don't get tired.

When you read that Zidane returns to the Real Madrid bench

- unmundolibre (@unmundolibre) March 11, 2019