Ono email closes, how to pass emails to Gmail or Outlook


Ono's mail closes. Vodafone has decided to suspend this email service and you will soon no longer be able to access the ono.com domain through the platform . Fortunately, there is an option to be able to forward all emails from Ono's webmail to another mail server, such as Gmail or Outlook. So you can do it.

First, you will need to access your Ono web Mail account. To do this, go to this page and enter your username and password. Next, click on options, go to the Mail section and click on 'Resend Incoming Mail'. This will allow all the emails that come to your Ono email to be automatically forwarded to the address that you prefer. In the 'Destination field' section you must put the sending email. For example: [email protected]. Finally, click on 'Save changes' so that it is applied correctly.

Create an automatic reply to announce the mail change


One's webmail also allows you to send a message automatically, since during the month of September you will not be able to access the platform. You can do it in the same option, just below the 'Automatic forwarding' box. You just have to activate the option that says 'Activate automatic reply' and write your message. For example, you can put: This is no longer my email address. Please write me at [email protected]. Finally, click on save changes.

Remember that from July 1 to September 30 you can continue forwarding emails automatically. However, on September 30 this service will stop working, so you will lose your email account . This causes those users who write to your mail with domain Ono.com, to get a warning as the account does not exist and the email does not arrive. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you also use the second option that we discussed in the post.

More information: Vodafone.