HP OMEN 880, we tested this powerful gaming desktop

HP Omen 880, we tested this gaming desktop

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The gaming experience is everything for those who leave their skin in front of the computer trying to achieve a Victory Royale, or managing thematic amusement parks, or experiencing adventures from other times. Therefore, if you are a gamer or gamer, the best thing you can do is have a PC to match your games. With this you will partly avoid lag, sawtooth graphics and many other problems typical of computers designed to work. We have tested the OMEN 880 from HP , a desktop that comes prepared not only to play games, but to update it if, over time, the computer becomes obsolete.

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Its design dazzles fans of gaming and overclocking , but it is its facilities to update the equipment that are the most useful of its design. All this without forgetting the composition that comes standard, which allows us to enjoy most of the games of the moment in ultra configuration. We have tested it for a few days and these are our conclusions.


ComputerGaming type
Processor8th Gen Intel Core i7 (i7-8700K, 3.7GHz 6-core, up to 4.7GHz turbo)
RAM2 x 8 GB of RAM (16 GB in total) of type DDR4 at 2,400 MHz (slots for two more tablets)
Storage- 128GB solid hard drive

- 1 TB hard drive

Expandable with two external 3.5-inch hard drive slots up to 3TB each

Graphic cardNvidia GeForce GTX 1070 (with dedicated 8GB GDDR5 RAM) (dual graphics card support)
DVD player / recorderYes, hidden in the case at the front
ConnectivityLAN 10/100/1000

WiFi 802.11 ac

Bluetooth 4.2

4 Rear USB 3.0

2 Rear USB 2.0

2 USB 3.0

2 USB 3.0 Type C

1 microphone jack

1 headphone jack

1 PCIe x16; 1 PCIe x4; 2 M.2

HP 3-in-1 Media Card Reader

Internal drive bays: Two available

Internal drive bays: One occupied; One available

Video connectors: 1 DVI; 1 HDMI; 3 DisplayPort

Operating systemWindows 10 Home
DesignPlastic with gaming finishes and internal and external red LED lights. Easily removable casing to access internal components. Black with OMEN logo. Handle for transport
Refrigeration2 x 120mm diameter fans / liquid cooling
In the boxIncludes HP keyboard and mouse (non-gaming)
Dimensions44.21 x 19.2 x 41.72 cm
Weight17.6 kg
Release dateAvailable
PriceReview team: 1,400 euros (there are other variants according to configurations from 750 euros)

Get on Ultra and play in Virtual Reality

If we look at what we find under the hood of the HP OMEN 880 we must talk about a powerful gaming desktop computer . Its configuration is designed to give fluidity and a good gaming experience, without being the top of the current market. Of course, it is more than enough to hit fashion games like Fortnite, but also adventure and action titles like Rise of the Tomb Raider or management titles like Jurassic World Evolution. It can move everything with ease, and allows, in all these cases, to touch the technical excellence in the configuration. That is to say, you can put an Ultra configuration and not find stops of any kind.


All this power also allows the HP OMEN 880 to be the host of Virtual Reality experiences . We can connect some Oculus glasses from Facebook and browse the Steam VR catalog to enjoy any title with ease. Power is not a problem when it comes to recreating virtual worlds and getting a really agile response between our movement and the reaction of the game.

To carry out all this HP has assembled a motherboard with an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor. More specifically, the Intel Core i7-8700K , which has a clock speed of 3.7 Ghz, although its six cores reach 4.7 Ghz when the Intel Turbo is injected at the most critical moments. This power would be of no use if it were not accompanied by a nimble RAM. Standard comes with two 8 GB tablets, 16 GB of RAM in total, of type DDR4 that move to 2,400 MHz of clock speed. And, if that's not enough, there is room for two more DIMM-type tablets to expand its memory, without the need to completely disassemble the computer thanks to its accessible design. Simply unlatch the rear, press the button on the top rear, and remove the transparent side cover. Of course, remember to discharge static energy so as not to damage any component.

We are not forgetting the computer's graphics card, the heart of its graphics processing power. The HP OMEN 880 includes the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 , which is currently Nvidia's second most powerful model, after the GTX 1080. It has no less than 8 GB of RAM dedicated exclusively to graphics processing, and is GDDR5 formatted, so it's really fast. At the moment you do not need anything else for any current game to run with ease and, almost certainly, in ultra configuration. But, if necessary, the HP OMEN 880 has possibilities to work with  two graphic cards in parallel . Something common for those who need, want or enjoy all the games graphics, taking advantage of the power of both cards at the same time.

All this set ensures us to enjoy the high-end gaming experience, allowing us to take advantage of Virtual Reality capabilities or upload the graphics to most of the current games to the maximum. Something that we will detail later after having tried it first hand. Spoiler: in our experience, and with a single card, we have not suffered any freezes or pixelated graphics .

DVD player / recorder

Useful gaming design

Those who closely follow the gaming market or for gamers notice how striking the cases of these computers are. It seems that if they are not designed in red and black, or have impossible shapes full of edges, they are not gaming. Well, HP continues with this trend. The OMEN 880 can boast of being a gaming computer from the first glance. However, it is a design that is not only attractive , it is also useful when updating the device and introducing new hard drives, or to see how everything works inside. Of course, you need a considerable space to house it.

Anyone who sees it head-on will think it is a machine from the future. Despite maintaining the structure of a vertical desktop computer, it breaks with the quadrangular scheme. Its upper part ends almost in a point, with a bevel cut that takes advantage of to collect the different ports and front connections. The surface, although plastic, has a finish reminiscent of carbon fiber, with a striking zigzag pattern. Especially when looking out of the corner of your eye or out of the corner of your eye. Of course, presiding over, is the OMEN family logo illuminated in red on the front , as well as other vents from where light of the same color is emitted so that the whole environment is themed.

useful design

But we do not forget the striking thing about this design: its useful part. The front not only has a nice decoration and the ports on the top are easily accessible, it also has an entire air intake system that is really well integrated with the design of the device . It is the grille that borders the entire front, and is an essential part for proper operation.

In addition, hidden in the front, it is possible to open access to two 3.5 mm hard drives. Some metal boxes allow storage of up to 6 TB capacity in two hard drives (up to 3 TB each), integrating them into the device just by connecting them in this way. This expands the memory along the two interior slots of the computer. In total we can add 12 TB of space to save all the games on the computer.

As standard, the computer comes with a solid 128 GB hard drive that allows it to be turned on in just a few seconds. In addition, there is a second hard drive intended purely for storage, with a capacity of 1 TB . More than enough to start running smoothly with a few games.

There is also a side door for easy access to the interior of the computer. Something common in desktop computers, if not for all the lighting section with red LED lights that help to see the internal components working. This case is easily removed by simply unlocking a lock and pressing the button on the top of the computer . In this way we have access to all the internal components in case we want to expand the technical possibilities of the equipment, or clean it if necessary.

carrying handle

By the way, unlike other computers, the HP OMEN 880 has a handle on the top of its structure that helps to transport it more safely. Although this does not mean that it is easy to transport since it has a weight of 17.6 kg and its dimensions are quite spacious: 44.21 x 19.2 x 41.72 cm. Moving it to the place where we have tested it has not been easy or comfortable, although it is not impossible either. It requires strength. The good thing is that it is a desktop computer that, a priori, we do not need to move often. The downside is that you need a good space for this piece of computer.

It must be said that, when buying this HP OMEN 880, it is possible to choose a model with liquid cooling . As you already know, it consists of a circuit with a liquid that is able to absorb the heat dissipated by internal components such as the processor or the graphics card. It's more efficient at keeping your computer's temperature at bay, and it's quieter, but it's also more expensive. If you choose the other model, it has two 120 mm fans capable of expelling all this heat without problem, although it is a different cooling system than liquid.


Up-to-date connectivity and more than enough

When we look at the ports and connections we see that the HP OMEN 880 is ready for whatever they throw at it . Whether with Virtual Reality or not. On the front, visible, we find a microphone input port and a headphone output port, for your team games. In addition, there are two USB 3.0 type A ports to connect peripherals, pen drives or external hard drives without looking for the back of the computer. There are also two USB 3.0 type C ports, the reversible one, to charge the mobile or transfer content quickly. It has a slot with an SD card reader to pass any content from a camcorder, for example.


Behind, attached to the motherboard, we find digital audio output, audio components, four USB 3.0 type A ports, Ethernet port, an HDMI port to bring the audio output to the monitor and a DisplayPort for the same.

In other words, it is compatible with everything we want to connect to it : headphones, microphones, mice and keyboards, hard drives, pen drives, Virtual Reality glasses, video recorders, mobiles ... It can do absolutely everything, either from the most accessible part or from the rear.


Our in-game experience

The first thing to say is that, for our experience to be complete, we have played on a gaming monitor, also from HP. It is, specifically, the HP OMEN 25 , an antiglare monitor (matte screen) of 24.5 inches in size, ideal for gamers. And is that its image refresh rate is 144 Hz, and is designed to synchronize with the image produced by the graphics card at the same time. That is, it does not create strange effects of split images or horizontal lines that distort the visual appearance. We have played at a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and, except for the lack of speakers, we have not been able to get any but at the time of showing everything that the HP OMEN 880 computer can do. Its price is 240 euros(now that it is discounted on the official HP website). As we say, it is a monitor without speakers, so you better have good headphones if you decide on this option. In our case we have opted for the comfort of wireless speakers connected by bluetooth to the tower to have total freedom of movement.

in-game experience

Considering that the screen refresh rate is so agile, only a computer to match can offer the best gaming experience. And the HP OMEN 880 hasn't let us down . At no time, nor in any of the game genres that we have tested. Its power allows all graphical parameters to be taken to the Ultra value and we have not even seen him sweat or get hot. So much so that we have been surprised that, in the height of summer, in a room that is around 29 or 30 degrees, its fan has not mounted any scandals. Sure liquid coolingIt has these virtues, helping to dissipate heat from internal components without problems or noise. That is to say, we have played with the tower on the table, next to our body, and we have hardly realized that it was there. Just because of its striking lights, which make playing in the dark unsubtle and nothing short of impossible. If you intend to play completely in the dark in your room, you have it difficult with this HP OMEN 880. Of course it is a delight to be able to see the OMEN logo inside the computer thanks to its transparent casing, all well lit on the outside and inside.

We have tried Fortnite, how could it be otherwise. The game performs excellently well under a good fiber internet connection. If no one else is sucking on the bandwidth, the HP OMEN 880's GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card and its Ethernet connection allow for a smooth experience. All this being able to use key characteristics to win games such as an epic vision distance. So if what you want is to be a true expert in this title, or to record your games, this computer allows it. We have not suffered lag at any time. In fact, we have been able to verify how many players do suffer from it. Moving the mouse like crazy does not deform or cut the image, nor does it slow down the game at any time. The experience is smooth and stable. Of course, it has not helped us to win, but that is the problem of who is in charge, not the computer.


We have also tried adventure games. These titles can cause some havoc to non-gaming computers by trying to show moments full of graphic effects such as smoke particles, realistic hair detail on the heads of the characters, volumetric effects in the environment, dynamic lighting ... Elements that give character to games and that require more power than other titles like Fortnite. In the case of the last two Tomb Raider (Tomb Raider and Rise Of The Tomb Raider) we have once again enjoyed fluidity in all scenes and situations. The graphic options are always configured in Ultra, although without exceeding the 1,920 x 1,080 resolution .

The same happens with Far Cry 5 , a more demanding title to be able to move through an open world type mapping, either by land, sea or air. The fluidity of the gameplay has allowed us to realize how little oiled we are as players, with a targeting that is so agile that it made us fail. Again, the experience has been fluid, with no frame drops or slowdowns of any kind. It does not matter that we get up with a plane and see more percentage and elements of the map or that we jump between kinematics. Everything goes smoothly and with a level of detail in shadows and effects that can only be achieved in high-end gaming computers.

monitor omen

Even in games that are port or modifications of titles that originally came out on consoles, such as the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the textures look clear and defined, and the movements on the screen are completely synchronized with the keystrokes on the keyboard and mouse. There are no lags, no lag, and no visual problems . It is as comfortable as playing on a video console only with extra power to carry out any task or take advantage of other visual advances typical of the world of compatible.

The HP OMEN 880 includes a keyboard and mouse. Quite a detail by HP to be able to start working or playing with this computer without having more than a monitor. However, they are peripherals far from the OMEN or gaming range, so it is likely that you prefer to opt for a more professional mouse and keyboard. For example, chiclet keys are not the most suitable for gaming as they have little travel . Also, the mouse button is not intended to withstand frantic clicks. So if you are going to use this computer to play games, the most logical thing is that you end up buying peripherals such as an OMEN keyboard or mouse.



We can only say that the HP OMEN 880 has left us with a very good taste in our mouths and wanting more games . If you are thinking of switching to a gaming computer to forget about configuring the graphic options of your games, this is a great option. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 and its 16GB of RAM can do it all. Along with its 8th gen i7 processor, all set to overclock if necessary, it delivers raw high-end power. Not the most powerful on the market, but enough for any current game to be enjoyed in Ultra quality . Full HD resolution, maximum detail in shadows and textures, image enhancement technologies, particles, lighting… everything is outstanding.

Of course, if you are one of those who spends many hours on the computer, do not hesitate to opt for liquid cooling . Undoubtedly a success so that the components do not suffer from the heat, but also to get a fairly quiet computer. This HP OMEN 880 can coexist both above and below the desk. What's more, the lights in its entire design have bothered us more than its two fans.


Less subtle is its design. It's a big, flashy computer, no question. But it is quite a detail to have compartments accessible from the outside to house 3.5 hard drives. If you are one of those who keeps everything safe on hard drives, this design will make things much easier for you. Of course, forget about going unnoticed with this computer. All its red LEDs illuminate the room where you place it , both inside and out. The side casing has an interesting security system to access it comfortably in case you need to vacuum the dust or update a component. It does not require screws and is very comfortable.

It is, without a doubt, a very good purchase option to have an outstanding experience when it comes to hitting video games . Of course, all this has a price, and its 1,400 euros can be a brake for those who are not so interested in video games. However, it is the usual price when we look at high-end computers focused on gaming, even more so if we look at their graphics and memory characteristics.


HP Omen 880 Jose Luis Arranz