HP Concept PCs for Girls


It is difficult to design a laptop for girls and not fall for the usual clichés: makeup, pink and Hello Kitty . Well, this time the famous kitten is nowhere to be found. But the rest of imaginable topics are present in these conceptual prototypes from Intel and Hewlett Packard , conceived by designer Nikita Buyanov . Although it is also fair to say that applying them in such a radical way on a laptop has its point of originality and even avant-garde.

The first in the series is the HP Makeup we see above. Undoubtedly the one that most pulls the stereotype of a presumptuous woman concerned about her external beauty. It has a peculiar semi-oval shape that does not resemble a makeup case by chance. The screen can be turned into a mirror , and on one side there is a whole set of eye paints . At the other end we have a practical electronic nail polish . Ideal to get pretty before chatting with the boyfriend by videoconference, we suppose.

Next we find the HP Fitness , for girls who care about their health (and perhaps their figure). While closed, the laptop turns into a digital scale that reveals your weight if you step on it. Let's hope the number of kilograms is not permanently impressed on the case, for the sake of those who prefer to keep their measurements a secret.

For its part, the HP Mama is, as its name suggests, the most suitable for housewives and mothers of families . It has a peculiar design in which the monitor is placed in an elevated position and separated from the keyboard, as in a kitchen computer . Exactly what its special features consist of is not specified, but presumably they will help with housework.

The rest of Buyanov's conceptual designs largely lose the marked feminine accent of the previous ones. For example, the HP Chameleon changes the color of its casing according to its surroundings, like a chameleon. The HP Perfume has a curious transparent casing, with pink or turquoise backlighting. The HP Eco is the eco-friendly variant, while the HP Nobag features a groundbreaking roll-up computer concept in the form of papyrus. They seem as valid for them as for them.

Anyway, right now they are no more than simple proposals for the future . At the moment, HP's most determined commitment to the female sector is the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam with special decoration.

Via: Gizmodiva