Samsung JU7000, flat TV series with 4K UHD resolution

Samsung JU7000

The new Samsung JU7000 TV series offers an excellent balance between price and specifications . This series of flat- screen TVs has a wide range of sizes, from 40 inches for the basic equipment to 75 inches for the most advanced configuration. In all cases, users can enjoy 4K UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, a resolution that multiplies by four the level of detail of a Full HD panel. In addition, these televisions have also received Samsung's new smart platform based on Tizen , with a simpler and more agile interface .And all this with the elegance that characterizes the firm's televisions with very thin frames and a metallic skin in aluminum gray. Samsung JU7000 televisions can already be found on the market at a starting price of about 1,200 euros. We tell you all the details in a thorough analysis.

Samsung JU7000

Design and sizes

As we said a moment ago, Samsung televisions always tend to stand out for their elegance, and the Samsung JU7000 are no exception. The company uses a silver aluminum design with very thin bezels to give the impression of an even larger screen. This same color is found on its metal foot with a rectangular format. Of course, in this case the models opt for a flat design, leaving the curved designs for the most powerful models of the firm.

The company markets these televisions in five different sizes . The input equipment starts from a 40-inch size . We also have another model in 48 inches and one in 55 inches . From here we enter the models that are designed for furniture and larger walls, since it is not so easy to fit a 65-inch or 75-inch TV in a small room. In any case, we have a wide variety for all needs. The specific dimensions of each format and its weight can be seen in the tab at the bottom of the page.

Samsung JU7000

Image and sound

In the field of imaging, the best news these models leave us is the use of a powerful 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. These values ​​represent four times the level of detail of a traditional Full HD panel, and will leave us with the feeling of looking at a window to the real world. But in addition, the South Korean company has also incorporated various technologies to improve image quality. For example, we have PurColor technology that enhances the vividness of images. Or Peak Illuminator technology ,that analyzes the different elements of a scene in real time to illuminate the clearest areas and improve the final result. This technology is especially noticeable in scenes where dark elements dominate.

For 4K images to be displayed correctly, Samsung JU7000 TVs use a quad-core image processor . And to fill the gap left by the absence of many native 4K content, we have a powerful scaler that eliminates noise and allows us to get closer to the UHD experience in lower quality content. Another highlight is a frequency of 1,300 Hz , thanks to which we can enjoy more fluid images even in scenes where action abounds. By the way, although it is a point that firms do not treat much, these televisions have 3D functionality.

As for the sound, two speakers with a total power of 20 W are used . It is not a very powerful audio system (it is always preferable to have a Home Cinema) but it should still offer good audio quality in regular use of the television.

Samsung JU7000, flat TV series with 4K UHD resolution 1

Smart tv

In the field of Smart TV , the great novelty this year has been Samsung's decision to bet on its Tizen platform . This turn of the wheel tries to bring the user a simpler and easier to use platform. Now, when pressing the "Content" button on the traditional remote control or the premium remote control (with pointer) we will see a lower bar with several boxes. From them we can access the recent applications or the most popular ones within the Samsung platform. By the way, among the titles offered we have names like YouTube, Skype, Yomvi, Facebook or Deezer(among others). By the way, one of the functions that we liked the most in this interface due to the ease with which it is configured is to split the screen in two to see a television channel on one side and the content of one on the other source like YouTube.

Nor could this model be missing a double tuner to be able to record the contents of one channel while we are watching another (through a USB memory or an external hard drive).

The company also wanted to highlight the synchronization of our Android smartphone or tablet directly with the TV . In this way, we can, for example, see calendar appointments directly on TV or synchronize our alarms. With the Screen Mirroring function, the contents of our mobile device can be transmitted in real time, without using any type of cable. Or we can directly download an app to turn our smartphone into a TV remote control.

Samsung JU7000

Connectivity, price and opinions

As for the connections of this model, we have a very complete set to deal with the day. In order to take advantage of the Smart TV functionalities, there are two options. On the one hand, we can use the Ethernet port to directly connect the TV via cable. Or we can use its WiFi connectivity without having to pass any cables. This equipment also incorporates four HDMI ports to view the contents of a computer or a console (among others). By the way, these HDMI ports are compatible with MHL technology , to connect a smartphone or tablet via cable and watch the content on TV in real time.

Other connections are your component input or your AV composite input . In addition, it includes up to three different USB ports to record content or even connect a compatible keyboard to facilitate navigation through the TV.

The models of the Samsung JU7000 family can already be found on the market, for prices starting from 1,200 euros for the 40-inch model . These teams are an attractive option for users who are looking for a flat TV with remarkable image quality and 4K resolution , in addition to enjoying all the news from Samsung in terms of Smart TV.

Samsung JU7000



Size40/48 / 55/65/75 inch
Resolution4K UHD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Frequency1,300 Hz
TechnologiesQuad Core Processor


UHD Dimming

UHD upscaling

Peak Illuminator




Dimensions (with base)75 inches: 1,688.8 x 1,035.8 x 325 mm

65 inches: 1,463.4 x 897 x 295.1 mm

55 inches: 1,242.6 x 770.5 x 277.7 mm

48 inches: 1,087.1 x 683.4 x 277.7 millimeters

40-inch: 917.7 x 587.7 x 271.7 mm

Weight (with stand)75 inches: 42.9 kilos

65 inches: 28.1 kilos

55 inches: 18.2 kilos

48 inches: 13.9 kilos

40 inches: 10.4 kilos

ColorsSlim design in silver

Smart tv

AppsGames, Skype, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Yomvi, Wuaki
FeaturesMulti-screen, Samsung Smart View, PiP
ControlsBlack Premium Remote and Standard Remote
Mobile connectionYes, control via mobile phones and tablets with Quick Connect, Screen Mirroring



DTS Premium Sound 5.1

DTS Studio Sound

Dolby Digital Plus M11



Tuner2 x DVB-TC (TDT2)
MHLYes (1.3)
Connectors1 x Component In (Y / Pb / Pr), Composite In (AV)
Wi-Fi DirectYes
OthersHeadphones, CI Slot, RF input, WiFi Direct

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Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteSamsung

Price from 1,200 euros (approx.)