Avast 2016, this is the new version of antivirus for PC and mobile

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Avast Software offers antivirus solutions to more than 230 million users worldwide, most of them using the free version of its PC tool, and today they announced their new antivirus tools for mobile phones and computers . Security is one of the most common concerns among users of electronic devices, especially now that malware attacks are the order of the day. The new update of your antivirus software, Avast 2016, has been improved to offer a good level of security without being too complex, as well as adding new functions such as Passwords or the SafeZone browser . The mobile toolAvast Mobile Security has also been updated with quite a few new features for Android users , while iPhone or iPad owners will be able to protect their connections with Avast SecureMe. We tell you all the news about the new Avast security solutions.

Avast 2016 is the antivirus tool for PC , compatible with computers updated to Windows 10. The application is lighter than ever, so that its installation does not affect the performance of our computer as it happened a few years ago, and improves protection against threats from everything kind. This version introduces the Passwords function , a complete manager that generates very complex passwords for different services, but allows the user to access them with a single generic password . It also allows us to synchronize all our passwords in one place and informs us if there has been an attempt to steal our credentials. HeSafeZone browser is the second novelty of Avast 2016. It is a secure environment that isolates banking and online shopping services to protect all our transactions.

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The mobile version of Avast also receives new features. Avast Mobile Security is available to download for free on the Google Play store and offers several protection solutions for smartphones, the first being enhanced malware protection . This feature uses the Avast cloud monitoring engine to offer faster detection of any threat. Privacy is one of the pillars of this new version. It has a tool called Privacy Advisor that informs us when an application or a network is going to access our data and the WiFi Security functionnotifies us when we are trying to access a potentially insecure WiFi network . Finally, if you want to prevent access to specific applications on your smartphone, Avast Mobile Security offers the option of protecting any app with a password, without limit.

As we said, Avast Mobile Security is an application for Android terminals , but Avast also offers a solution to iOS users , although more specific. Avast SecureMe is designed to protect us when we connect to an insecure WiFi network. What it does is create a VPN encryption tunnel to prevent theft of information, a fairly common practice in public places with a large influx of people. Like the Android version, this app will also show a notification when we are trying to connect to one of these suspicious networks.