10 Spanish series that you cannot miss on Netflix, Movistar and Amazon Prime Video

10 Spanish series that you cannot miss on Netflix, Movistar and Amazon Prime Video

What do we like a series! And if it is also made in Spain and is good, even more so. Matadero was released yesterday , a thriller that left the audience excited. Or at least that is what the social networks say, in which all kinds of associations were made to references that are already mythical.

In fact, almost everyone agrees that Matadero, with Pepe Viyuela as the protagonist, is something very similar to Fargo, but in the Iberian style, with a good dose of Spanish clichés, black humor and Zamora roads, instead of the icy landscapes from Minnesota.

What is clear is one thing: in Spain we also know how to do series. During this year 2019, a lot of series will be released, but in the meantime, you can see the best of the best on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Movistar. Today we propose ten Spanish series that you cannot miss.

1. Slaughterhouse

We start with a series of rabid news. You will not be able to see it on Amazon, or on Netflix. Not even in Movistar. If you want to enjoy Matadero have to connect to the ATRESPLAYER or get in front of the TV every Wednesday, from 22:45 hours . For many it is a Fargo to the Spanish, but others have even come to compare it with The Breaking Bad.

Created by Daniel Martín Sáez de Parayuelo and directed by Jordi Frades, the season (which is unique) has ten episodes and a closed ending. It is starred by the majestic Pepe Viyuela, Lucía Quintana, Ginés García Millán or Miguel de Lira .

Everything happens in Torrecillas, a town in Zamora, where a veterinarian certifies animals of dubious quality at his brother-in-law's slaughterhouse . He does it because he is blackmailed by his own brother-in-law, with the aim that his wife does not find out something that could ruin their marriage. The daily life of the town will cease to be peaceful. Pigs carry drugs inside.

2. Vis a vis

You have all the seasons available on Netflix, although if you prefer to keep up to date with everything, you have the option of enjoying the new episodes of the fourth season every Monday on Fox. In this one, Zulema (Najwa Nimri) persists in wanting to escape from the jail , so the main plot is centered on this character. While waiting for Macarena (Maggie Civantos) to appear at some point in the season, this prison drama manages to leave us with our mouths open chapter by chapter.

If you still haven't been able to get fully into the Cruz del Sur jail, this may be a good time to start. On Netflix you have all the chapters of the first three seasons . Then if you want to enjoy the fourth, you will have to go to Movistar.

3. Fariña

It premiered this year on Antena 3, but it has been available on Netflix for months. Fariña, who was born in the light of the controversial book of the same name by Nacho Carretero, tells in detail and precision what happened during the 80s and 90s in Galicia by Sito Miñanco, Terito, Laureano Oubiña or Manuel Charlín.

The series reviews the trajectory of all these Galician characters, from their origins as a fisherman (in the case of Sito Miñanco), to the smuggling of tobacco, the trafficking of hashish and later, cocaine. The series and its creators have earned as many detractors as absolute fans. Almost more the second than the first, because in the group of those who have run against, there are only the real protagonists. The series consists of a single season, which you can watch in full on Netflix.

Among the celebrated actors in this series we find Javier Rey, Tristán Ulloa, Antonio Durán “Morris” , Carlos Blanco, Manuel Lourenzo, Xosé Antonio Touriñán, Isabel Naveira, Xulio Abonjo and Tamar Novas. They are all Galician, they are splendid in their roles and they perfectly match the spirit of the plot.

4. The cathedral of the sea

Inspired by the novel by Ildefonso Falcones, La Catedral del Mar has become a successful television series , produced by Atresmedia, Televisió de Catalunya and Netflix. It was released on May 23, 2018 and only consists of eight episodes, less than an hour long.

Among the protagonists of this successful series are Aitor Luna, Michelle Jenner, Daniel Grao, Silvia Abascal, Ginés García Millán, Andrea Duro and Pablo Derqui. They are the ones who portray 14th century Barcelona, ​​under the rule of the Crown of Aragon, in a city that grows towards the Ribera, the humble fishermen's neighborhood in which construction of the majestic church of Santa María del Mar is beginning .

5. Tomorrow

And we continue in Barcelona with  El día de Mañana , a series that is broadcast exclusively through Movistar. Based on the novel by Ignacio Martínez Pisón, Mariano Barroso and Alejandro Hernández tell the story of the life of Justo Gil, a man who arrived in Barcelona in the 60s: from then until the arrival of democracy.

The series is made up of a total of six episodes, each lasting about 50 minutes . In those days, Justo will meet characters like Carme and Mateo. Together they will rub shoulders with businessmen, young revelers, policemen, students, members of the anti-Franco resistance. It is the city of prodigies in full swing.

Among the interpreters of this delight we find Oriol Pla, who is the protagonist playing Justo Gil, Aura Garrido, Karra Elejalde or Jesús Carroza.

6. Paquita Salas

What to say about Paquita Salas? You may have heard a lot about this series and have not yet dared to see it. Directed by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi , the protagonist of the first and second seasons is an unrepeatable Brays Efe, who embodies the charismatic Paquita Salas.

The series, which is absolutely comical, was released on Atresmedia's Flooxer platform, but given its acceptance, Netflix took over the rights. Today it already has two seasons and can be seen exclusively through this platform. In addition, a third season has already been confirmed, although it will not be released until 2020.

Paquita Salas was a representative of artists in the 90s. But today everything has changed a lot. However, neither short nor lazy, she will get to work to discover new talent. The show is hilarious, well done, and worth it. The role of Brays Efe is great.

7. Merlí

Merlí was released with resounding success on TV3 . It was 2015 and the production lasted for no more and no less than three seasons, a total of 40 episodes, which have triumphed not only in Catalonia, but around the world. So much so that Netflix has already obtained the rights to broadcast it internationally.

Merlí (Francesc Orella) is a very special philosophy teacher. Its objective is to train the critical spirit of its students, stimulate them to think freely. His unorthodox methods keep students, teachers and families divided. As soon as you see the first chapter, you will be hooked.

In each of the chapters a theme is dealt with, which is always related to a philosopher or a specific group: the Peripatetics, Plato, Machiavelli, Aristotle, Socrates, Schopenhauer, Foucault, Epicurus, the Skeptics, the Sophists, Hume, Nietzsche, Kant or Descartes, to name just a few. Interesting, right?

8. Madrid burns

He is one of the most successful actors in our country, recognized for such legendary series as Aida or productions such as Carmina or Revienta and Carmina y Amen. We are talking about Paco León, co-creator (together with Anna R. Costa) of the first pay-TV series shot in black and white: Arde Madrid.  Produced exclusively for Movistar, it consists of a total of eight episodes, each 30 minutes long.

Arde Madrid recreates the life of Ava Gardner when she lived in Madrid, back in the 60s, during the Franco regime. Starring American actress Debi Mazar (who bears a striking resemblance to Gardner), the series describes this woman's crazy life alongside an elite of artists and aristocrats. A life that contrasted powerfully with the misery of the working class, ignorant of what was happening beyond the borders.

9. The paper house

La casa de papel is the first and only Spanish series that has received international recognition in the form of an award. Thus, in 2018 it won an International Emmy Award in the category of Best Drama. Its premiere took place on May 2, 2017, with a total of fifteen chapters. But later Netflix took over the rights and renewed it for a third season , which will premiere throughout 2019.

Its success is such that it has become the most watched foreign-language series in Netflix history. But what is this story about and why is it so successful? A mysterious man known as "The Professor" plans the biggest bank robbery in history . To achieve this, he recruits a team of eight people with different skills, but ... most importantly: with nothing to lose.

They want to enter the National Currency and Stamp Factory and print nothing more and nothing less than 2,400 million euros. They will be held in the building for eleven days, facing the police and with 67 hostages.

10. Little coincidences

And we end this special of Spanish series that you can see on the main platforms in the country with a premiere title, which in this case can be seen on Amazon . It is about Pequeñas coincidences, a romantic comedy created by Javier Veiga, who at the same time is its protagonist, along with Marta Hazas. Couple also in reality.

The series follows the lives of two people who have not yet met, but who are looking for the same thing: their better half. He is a food critic apparently happy with his single life . She is a fashion designer who wants to get pregnant before spring arrives. The two are predestined to meet. But before that happens, a lot will happen.

If you're into romantic comedies, here's a great hobby. Although the most demanding will not find in Little Coincidences a cult series, it may suit the tastes for those who want to spend time with something funny and carefree. It has a single season of eight episodes.