How to get and view the IKEA 2018 catalog online

How to get and view the IKEA catalog online

If you are a fan of IKEA (or Furniture LUFE), I am sure that the only thing you like about going back to school is the arrival of the new IKEA 2018 catalog. Well, you don't have to wait any longer. Because today is the day and the IKEA 2018 catalog is now available online.

You can take a look directly from the browser or download the application that IKEA has designed especially for the occasion . This is, in fact, one of the most important novelties of this year. This and the special relevance that salons have for Swedes.

And it is that infinity of novelties arrive thought in a specific way to redecorate, improve and innovate in this specific part of the house. You haven't seen the catalog yet? What do you want to receive it at home to touch and taste on paper? Read on to find out how to get and view the IKEA 2018 catalog online.

IKEA online catalog

How to view the IKEA 2018 catalog online

If you want to see the IKEA 2018 catalog right now, you have a quick and easy solution. And it is to consult it online. Access the IKEA Spain website directly or click directly on this link to view the IKEA 2018 catalog online.

What you will find as soon as you access this page is a space classified by rooms or environments. In this way, you can consult the pages of the IKEA 2018 catalog by Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Kitchens or Bedrooms . Then, within each of these sections, you will have different proposals in the form of already decorated environments.

All you have to do is click here and see what are the new products. At the end of each page you can access the details of the product. With its corresponding reference number, price and other details.

However, if you are interested in getting more to the point, you can click directly on the link that proposes you to consult the products that are available in your store. In this way, you can see their characteristics more in depth and add them to your shopping list.

Another option is to access the News section. From here you can see everything that has come for this season. This is great for those who know the IKEA catalog by heart and are only looking for new items to redecorate their home .

If you approach this section you will see that the appearance of almost all the products has a very Nordic style. Pastel colors, polished wood and with it, many customization options. In total, you will be able to enter a total of 33 pages, with a result of 825 products: 25 per page.  Almost nothing.

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How to order the IKEA 2018 catalog to get me home

That you prefer to see it on paper because it is more practical and more enjoyable? Well, no problem, because IKEA has launched the Special Unit of the IKEA Catalog 2018 . It is ideal to answer questions from those who observe that their neighbor does have the catalog and they do not.

If you want to know why, all you have to do is access this page to check if the catalog will reach your area. If it is not in your distribution area and you do not have any IKEA nearby to go to rescue the famous document , you will have to access the online catalog. Or, option B, download the app.

Download the IKEA 2018 catalog app

If you usually see the IKEA 2018 catalog through your mobile or tablet, you'd better download the application. You have it available for both iOS and Android. Just hit the download button and wait for the app to come to fruition . After installation, you can start diving into the IKEA 2018 catalog.

From here you can use augmented reality to place IKEA 3D products in your living room or in any other space in your home. There will be a total of 90 objects, which you can add to your house in three dimensions.

2018 ikea app catalog

You can also explore environments (opening and closing drawers, for example) as if you were visiting a real IKEA exhibition. It also offers the possibility of moving 360 degrees around some rooms and exploring the different products in images and videos.