The most viewed YouTube video clips in Spain in 2016

The way we consume music has undergone a substantial change for some time now. We went from the physical format to download and have finished in streaming. Music videos have not been immune to this change and, although there are hardly any specific channels that include them in their programming, we have a great platform to watch them and stay up to date: YouTube. This is the list of the most viewed music videos on YouTube in Spain in 2016 . We are going to say goodbye to the year with a little good music. Or not. That is up to you to decide.


Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony - Traidora (Official video)

Jennifer López's ex-husband embarks on a large motorboat to, together with the guys from Gente de Zona , tell us a passionate story within the framework of a love triangle. Despecho, caramelized reggaeton and knotted sweaters at the chest. Men cry for a woman who no longer pays attention to them. They must have done something.


Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ ign - Work From Home

Fifth Harmony pyre to work to make a great choreography, escorted by a group of chulazos muscled with good oil. A tasty part time to dance at a New York club , reminiscent of Diplo and Skrillex productions for Justin Bieber . The " work, work, work, work " in the chorus won't be out of your head for weeks.


J. Balvin - Bobo

We return to reggaeton, this one with a more urban touch than that of his fellow Gente de Zona . J Balvin asks you to go to the disco with him and stop being silly. On the other hand, it tells you that you are free, that you fly alone, mommy. Let's see, so we do not clarify. Either we go with you, or we are free and we go with the idiot that you despise. Furthermore, at one point, he advocates kidnapping: "Don't cry for a fool, if he leaves you alone I'll steal you . " Let's see, J. Balvin , don't come upstairs, that's a crime.


Alejandro Sanz feat. Marc Anthony - Let Me Kiss You

Again, our friend Marco Antonio in the house. And this time, together with the artist (in Miami) who loves Spain the most , Alejandro Sanz . Their voices meld into a melodious, sexy and seductive song with Arabic arrangements, castanets and, of course, Spanish guitar. With its black and white parts to give the thing quality, like a canallita artist. The gossips say that if you manage to see the entire video you have a great chance of getting pregnant. Or pregnant.


í lvaro Soler - Sofia

The only concession to pop on the list is this catchy song, complete with whistle, in which a boy cries in Havana for a certain Sofía. Another of those whose chorus is more of a punishment than a reason to sing and dance. Although, hey, there must be everything in the Lord's vineyard.


Juan Magán feat. Luciana - Dance with me

The king of plump cheeks or also known as the king of electrolatino, Juan Magán , teams up with Luciana to offer us a kind of mix between neo-swing trumpets and… Better that you see it for yourself.


Chino y Nacho feat. Daddy Yankee - Andas en mi cabeza (Lyric Video)

A kind of reggaeton castratti and its usual suspect come to us with another tune of romantic lamentations, lost loves, my life without you has no meaning, I am a vagabond… For God's sake, listen to them. Even if it's to tell them to shut up.


Enrique Iglesias feat. Wisin - Heart hurts

"Only in your mouth, I want to finish" , so begins this shot of Enrique Iglesias with Wisin, of Wisin y Yandel. Take it easy, it refers to kisses. You can already breathe deeply. If you haven't heard the chorus this summer, you're dead.


Nicky Jam - Until Dawn

Not to be confused with Nicki Minaj , this Boston- born young man goes to a laundromat to fall in love with a young woman who was only going to wash the bottom cover of the bed. And do not see what it is. Young Mr. Jam asks the girl to stay with him until dawn. We do not imagine the underwear that you will have to wash.


Carlos Vives and Shakira - The bicycle

My God, the one that these two boys from across the seas have given us with the happy bicycle. With more than five hundred million reproductions , this song is so fresh and summery (with reggaeton airs, of course) in which, of course, the accordion cannot be missing. That Carlos Vives sings , man, in what world do you live. By the way, attention to detail on the Barí§a jersey .

Which of the most viewed YouTube videos in 2016 is your favorite? Are there any that you miss? Anyone you love? Or that you hate? Leave your opinion in the comments.