Here is the announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2015

Do you remember  Antonio ? From the bar? And the crying you made when you saw the  Christmas Lottery announcement last year ? Well, get ready now to open the handkerchief.  Leo Burnett , the same agency that was in charge of starting the machinery of Antonio's Bar , has just announced the announcement of the  Christmas Lottery 201 5. If you have already clicked play , you will have seen that it is a short animation - okay, wipe your tears, that's fine - in which  Justin , a night shift security guard at a  mannequin factoryhe tries to make life more joyful for his companions. He prepares all kinds of surprises, which one is more endearing and Christmas, but he forgets one thing:  buy a tenth of the company that, curiously, ends up being  the first prize in the Christmas draw . The outcome is promising, but we don't want to reveal to you how Justino's story ends , lest you have not been encouraged to see the ad yet ...

Christmas Lottery2015 Announced

Well, as we were saying, we are facing a very original concept. The team of Leo Burnett has used the technique of animation to tell an exciting and heartwarming story , perfectly adjusted to this Christmas the same as ours ... that begins with the draw on December 22 . The agency has created a good character: someone who works, who is alone ... a security guard, but at the same time, one of those strange and unique people who enjoy making others happy . And what about technology? Well, for the occasion we have worked on an animation process that consists of moving the drawings from two dimensions to three dimensions. And the result is frankly magical. It was, according to its creators, an arduous work that evolved from being crude to having absolutely precise and elaborate movements , capable of giving life to that character they were looking for ... That is Justino .

Christmas Lottery2015 Announcement

The scenarios have been made in the same way, from the drawing and with an important research work behind them, to get the different elements to conform to reality. And music! What to say about the music? For the creators of this short film it is another fundamental narrative element and in fact, as always happens, it is that magical addition that makes us excited from the beginning. Without a doubt, it accompanies the story and the character, creating an absolutely endearing atmosphere . They have also played to elaborate all those sounds that should have sounded during each scene (the jingle of the keys hanging on Justino's belt, the ball bouncing off the mannequin, the paper falling to the ground…). In the video that you have below you can see some secrets of how the ad has been developed .


A set made with love and adjusted to the heart. Is that why they always get us so excited ? That you enjoy it and, if it can be, that you play the tenth!