30+ Word Party Invitation Templates

Best Word Party Invitation Templates

We have templates for almost everything. To make calendars, invoices, reports, letters and even… party invitations. Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of festive days. What we usually do is get together with friends or family to organize a feast. And live together a nice day.

If you are the one organizing the party, you have to take into account many details. Apart from the food and the cakes, you also have to put on the music. And you don't have to forget a very important detail: that of the invitations. Although in the era of WhatsApp and Facebook it is very easy to create an event and send an instant message to everyone, you must never lose sight of the gestures of tradition.

And is there anything more beautiful than receiving an invitation in hand for an event? And if it's not by hand, isn't it always better to send, even by WhatsApp, a totally personalized invitation? Well, today we want to help you with this. That's why we've compiled the best party invitation templates for you.

Party invitation templates to edit in Word

A simple formula to create and edit the best invitations is to use Microsoft Word. Microsoft's word processor is an easy-to-use tool full of tools and options to make invitations look great. You will not need to embark on complicated programs, because the results you will get will be more than good.

But, let us start at the beginning. What you can do is go directly to the Microsoft Word templates page. From here you can go to the invitations section. And see everything you can do from a simple Word. If you want to see them one by one, we also display them here.

Wedding invitations for Word

Wedding invitations for Word

Let's start with a first invitation that has been baptized as a reminder of a wedding date. It is a very simple template, in which the color pink predominates . That we could say that it is the color of love. If you don't have a lot of budget to order a wedding invitation from a designer, you can try this one. You will only have to download it and enter the names of the people who are going to get married.

In this case you and your partner. If you are creating the invitation for others, you will have to include their names , of course. You will see that there is space for everything: even to insert a photograph of the couple of lovebirds.

But we have more. Specifically, this wedding invitation, with a much more elegant and distinguished touch, that will appeal to lovers of flowers and small details. The truth is that if, as we said, you do not have the budget to hire a designer, this template will allow you a perfect Do-It-Yourself . Why? Because it looks elegant, with a very successful font for a wedding invitation.

In this case, you should also bear in mind that this wedding invitation has dimensions of 10.2 x 15.2 centimeters, which means that it is perfectly designed to fit with the Avery 5889 and 8386 cards. Enter all the data necessary about the event and removes the instructions included in the template. Then you can print the invitations yourself or send them to a professional copy shop so that they can also do it with quality paper. The results promise.

birthday invitations

Birthday invitations in Word and PowerPoint

Let's move on now to the birthday invitations. Which is one of the most popular events of the year. In Microsoft Word you have countless templates with which you can invite your loved ones (friends, family and colleagues from work or school) to your party.

The first birthday invitation that we have found in the Microsoft Word template repository is very simple and easy to edit.  It consists of a single page, with clouds and balloons . You can insert the text you need and add a photo of the honoree in question.

This other invitation has also seemed very successful for a birthday. This does not include balloons, but it does include colored dots in different sizes that give it a very happy and fun touch . All you have to do to use it is click on the Download button and open the template in Microsoft Word.

You can modify the text box, in which you can add the name of the person celebrating the party or birthday . If in the end you want to use this invitation for another type of party, in this box you can also insert the title you want.

Then, of course, you can add the information you need about the event . We refer to the place of the celebration, the day, the time and any other details that are important for the party. For example, wearing a birthday hat or dressing up as cakes.

birthday card

What do you prefer a more colorful birthday card? Well, don't worry, because this one that we offer below can also be modified in Word and is specially designed for a super fun party. It is made in bright shades and has a multi-colored look . This is two cards per page, with a size of 59.4 x 42 centimeters (A2) folded, printed on the front and on the back. In this way, you will save space and paper.

Note that this card includes cutting and folding instructions to make it easier for you to prepare (after printing) and quickly put them in an envelope. In the event that it is necessary.

In the event that you need a birthday card with a more elegant tone, you can opt for this one, which is made in black tones. In principle, the template is designed so that you use yellow on a black background. So it will serve you for any event. However, if you like this template and want to use other colors, you just have to change them . Too easy. You can also add the photos that you like the most.

birthday invitation colors

This other invitation seems ideal for older people. And when we say older, we mean celebrating a 40th birthday, in which the elegant and the formal at the same time prevail. This template can be modified in Power Point , so be careful if you intend to open it with Word. Be that as it may, when you click on it, you will see that it opens directly in this program.

It is made in yellow and blue tones, with the letters in white. And with a very modern format, which seems almost advertising. If the colors don't quite suit you, don't worry . You can change them at any time for a color combination that you like best. In addition, to save on paper, this template consists of two invitations that you will later have to cut out.

If pink is your thing, but you don't want to abandon the informal tone, download this invitation. You have two per page and you can easily edit them. All you have to do is download it and place the cursor over each space to enter the text and photos that you consider appropriate. But beware, if you don't want to download it, you will also have the option to edit the invitation from the browser. And save or print it directly.

Another very simple invitation that you can use to hang at your party, rather than to invite your colleagues, is this.  Includes a cartoon of birthday hats and streamers.  If you want to use it as an invitation, you will have no problem. Simply download the invitation and complete the text with the details of the celebration, place and time of the meeting.

Birthday party

Looking for an invitation with a slightly more traditional touch? If you want the classic cake to appear on your birthday invitation, you can do the following: download this invitation for Word. It can be edited in Word format easily and the truth is that it is very striking. With a turquoise green background, what you will see is a drawing of a classic birthday cake. Of course, you can modify the text to send it to your friends. When you print it, all you have to do is cut out the part of the greeting that interests you . And ready!

Another option, surely more classic, is the one that you can download through this template. This includes two invitations per page, which you can modify at will, without limitations or preconfigured options.

And we end with another birthday invitation, specially made to modify in PowerPoint. This is based on the design of a blue ribbon with gold trim, in which as users we can add the name of the person whose birthday and the event details , if what you are trying to make is an invitation to a birthday party. anniversary. To edit this invitation, simply download the template and get down to business editing.

Invitations for other events and parties

But here we are not finished. Because not everything is birthdays and weddings. Within the repository of templates to modify in programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, we have found many other options, which will also serve you to make invitations for other types of parties .

Here are a total of four templates that you can use to invite your loved ones to a graduation party. The first includes two invitations per page, in which you can add your photo and a text with the details of the event . The second consists of a texture design, without images, although if you want to add some you can do it without problems. Even if it is outside the established framework.

In the event that you don't need text or photo guides, you can use this invitation. It is in vertical format and two are included per page, which will undoubtedly come in handy to save space. Finally, we have found this other one, which has the same design, but in horizontal format. They are all very easy to edit: it will only take you a few minutes, to do it through Microsoft Word.

But let's continue, because there are many more things to celebrate. And events to organize. The invitations that we provide below are specially designed for events specific to each season . For example, you have this invitation with suns and sand, ideal for a summer party.

Include a title that you can modify and a description for the event . Here you can also enter some basic information, such as the contact person, the date and the place. You have two invitations per page, so if you want to save paper, this one will be great for you.

On the other hand, once inside the page of this template, we recommend you take a look below. Because here you will have other similar templates, which combine perfectly with the aesthetics of the first .

Although if spring is your thing, you can also take a look at this template. It consists of a blank space at the top, but is framed by an image of a flower and a green field. Then, like the summer invitation, with this one you also have other templates that you can download that look very similar.

Then we have much more classic invitations. In this template, for example, you will have up to four invitations on a single page. They are quarter-page brochures, which you can print and cut out to deliver on paper. But you can also send it to your guests by email. Or even WhatsApp. The presentation is very accessible and includes, as we said, four small invitations, with an elegant blue border . How could it be otherwise, the text is absolutely customizable.

If your idea is radically opposite, we propose something else . What is an invitation card made in bold black and blue. You can include basic information about the event and add information such as the time, place or schedule of the event. This is a perfect template for young people's events, concerts, or other conventions.

spring party invitation

Word Invitation Templates for Spring, Summer, and Fall

But Microsoft Word offers us more floral designs. We loved this one because it is very colorful and it is fantastic for a spring party, even if it is not related to anything about the season, but to a personal event . To use this template, you just have to download it and edit the fields you need.

In fact, you can even add a photograph of your event. You can add the face of the person or people who are going to celebrate the party. Or any other image that is representative. Up to two invitations per page are included, so you can save paper and kill two birds with one stone. You can remove the instruction text (which is on the white side), especially if you don't intend to cut out the greeting . If you plan to, you can leave the instructions there.

Here is another invitation with flowers, although it is a little simpler than the previous one. If you prefer this image with a red flower, we recommend you download this invitation. You can also modify the text and add everything you need, as long as the invitation fulfills its purpose . In this case you will also have two invitations per page.

We loved this invitation to a summer splash, because it has a very fun format. You can use it as a whole page, in A4 size. But you also have the opportunity to make it small, in A5 size (for example), to print two invitations within the same folio. Include text so you can modify it to your liking. And the drawing of a whale splashing in the water, next to a sand castle .


In it is this other invitation, although in this case it is an event linked to the Spring Festival. It has the same format and you can adapt it as you see fit. However, you will see that the colors, predominantly pink, are the most suitable for an event of these characteristics. The drawing at the bottom is a green meadow, with flowers, trees and a bunny .

What are you going to celebrate a summer party? Well, don't worry, because in the Word repository you will also find printable templates for invitations to summer parties. The first one we have found is this one, with the image of a palm tree, an island and a ball . The template has a predefined format, so you just have to specify the details and print the cards. You can also use it with the Avery card format.

This page will also help you to invite your people to a summer event. It is a full page with a real picture of beach sand and a bucket to play with. In addition, it includes different customizable fields , in which you can add information such as the day, time or place where the party will take place.

autumn invitation

If you are throwing a fall party, you will also have your own template ready to modify. It occupies a complete page, but if you handle Word well, you can use it in duplicate and take advantage of the same sheet to print two greetings. It will come in handy to announce a fall party , a school celebration or All Saints' Day. And it is made in brown tones, pumpkins appear and a scarecrow is very nice.

Word invitation templates for Christmas and New Years

But when we really get together to celebrate things is New Years Eve. And in the repository of templates of Microsoft Word you will find a lot of options to invite yours. And let them know that you will be delighted to welcome them to your home for a feast.


Lets start by the beginning. It is an informal template for Word, designed in a combination of two very Christmas colors: green and red . It occupies a complete page, but if you want you can integrate it on the same page with two invitations. Once the template is downloaded, all you have to do is enter your details: the celebration, the date, the time and the place where you are waiting for your guests.

This same template, in the exact same format, is also available in other designs . If you prefer it in red and green, you can choose this other option, which has a different garland. This same version is also available for download in blue and green tones.

The first option, which is the one that includes a box as a frame, can also be downloaded in bluish tones. You will see that it contains green, yellow and blue ornaments .

But if you want to create a more elegant invitation, you have another option. It's this invitation template that you can download as a Microsoft Word template. And that also includes the classic Christmas decorations (a border with balls) in a discreet white color. Below is the image of a Christmas ball in golden tones. To use this template, download it here and then modify it. Add all the information you need into the guide, including information such as the name you wanted to add to the party, the date, day and time you wait for your guests.

This other invitation is ideal for a New Years event. You can use it to invite your friends or family to the New Years party that you organize. And indicate all the data that you consider necessary. In fact, you can even insert the menu that you will serve. Editing this template through Microsoft Word is very simple .

Christmas card

Photo card templates for Christmas

If you plan to send invitations to all your family and friends for a specific event, perhaps you can also use one of these photo card templates to congratulate Christmas . Thus, in addition to including all the data about the event in question, you can wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This one has a very Christmas look, with a light blue background and some red touches in the shape of birds and winter fruits. In the center you have a space to add your own photos (they can be familiar, for example) and a section that will help you write your personalized messages . Plus, you can print two invitations on one page. If you want to take better advantage of the design, we recommend printing the card on quality paper. The results can be great and they won't cost you a fortune.

Here is another very nice template, with a winter background, that will be a great help to congratulate Christmas. But we have more. This template will help you make postcards, but you can use them as an invitation, because the truth is that they are very well made. On the front there is a photo of holly leaves and fruits, while on the back you will have space to write . For your information, you should know that two postcards are included per page, which are also compatible with Avery 5389, 5889 and 8386.

snow invitation

Do you want to send an animated invitation online? Well, in that case, you will have to download this template, designed to be edited in Power Point. The design is very well crafted. In the background is a snowy hill with animated snowflakes . To make your own modifications, we recommend that you follow the instructions included inside the template.

If you are more traditional, you can download this template with poinsettias. You will see that it can occupy a full page in A4 format, although if you need it you can also adapt it to fit two invitations on the same page. Both at the top and at the bottom you will see poinsettias, but you can write in the center. You can insert information about the event and other logistical information. You can even use this template to write your dinner menu. 

If after sending all these invitations you want to control who you have sent cards to or not, you also have the possibility of downloading this template for Excel. It has a Christmas design, but the truth is that you can use it for any other circumstance. In this way, you can keep track of all your shipments. And no one will be without your invitation!