20 absurd ads found on Wallapop

20 absurd ads found on Wallapop

The Wallapop app and website is still the place to find, or sell, the most useful things… but also the most useless and incredible. More than 250,000 new ads a day go a long way. What they do not give is to pay the bills of the company that started it. It is in deficit and until 2018 it does not expect to have benefits. Featured ads (paid) start working and according to them have reached 1 percent (1 in 100, paid). They recently added a section dedicated to car advertisements (they get about 2,500 a day). But what amuses us the most about this Spanish start-up is, from time to time, looking for absurd objects or services and bringing them to you so that you can laugh or be surprised with us ...

1 and 2, broken things

One of the words that we love to enter in the Wallapop search engine to see what we discover is “broken”. What broken things can people be able to sell ? Neus F de Barcelona offers us a broken TV, it does not indicate which model or inches they are. It is not a unique case, although the photo that has been used to illustrate the advertisement is original ... Someone makes the military salute next to the allegedly broken television. We do not have photos of the detail of the broken screen ... but we do have a funny photo.

In this category it is not surprising to find quite a few electronic devices. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops with a broken screen are a classic . As a sample, the iPhone 6S sold by Luksndrum 1 that is "a bit broken" although it works (says) the 3D Touch and everything. Man, a 6s without a screen for 400 euros, or 100 more repaired, I do not know if it is what we would call a bargain. For the broken screen of the iPhone 5 sold by Moises J, which despite the spectacular image works.

3 and 4, Useless junk

Here we have another search word with curious results. So from the outset we were struck by the fact that a mobile phone store in Huesca with more than 40 interesting products, included among them this "useless gadget that goes around" (literal). Gentlemen, this is a Fidget Spinner, the hottest toy!

Rubén de Figueres offers us a set of tires filled (we would say from the photos) with cement and a metal tube. The best is without a doubt its description: “Weights to hold umbrellas, market stalls, do weights, challenge your brother-in-law to lift it… and whatever you want… it's the typical thing that seems useless… until you need it! Totally free ... but do you wear it you ! " . Bravo.

5: Dead

We still remember the surprise, and laughter, when we found the advertisement for a coffin (yes) that someone had bought "on sale" (yes!) But that he was selling because he saw that he was not going to use it soon (thank goodness) and it hindered . So the word coffin, or dead, is another mandatory in Wallapop's funny searches. This time, however, it has not made us laugh, but rather shed a tear , the announcement. She is from Virginia L de Arnedo (La Rioja) and sells the box-carrier because her dog died. Please, someone give him a puppy.


6 and 7: Dirty ...

Classic: the word "dirty" can give us incredible results . The normal thing will be to find a car with excuses about its condition in the photos ("I didn't have time to clean it"). Also, a lot of furniture (armchairs or sofas) with more or less obvious marks of use. But when we see a toilet with that search, we feel (eschatologically) attracted to DJ ... This jewel that Tamara sells from the north of Madrid is a Victoria model Roca "dirty by the works". Those marks on the outside ... thank goodness there is no photo with the lid open.

In terms of furniture, this time we are left with the Ikea sofa offered by Borja R in Madrid. Man, if you buy a sofa in such a light color, or you put a good cover on it or hide it when the friends come to party. Because all these brands give food for thought ... and very little desire to see them live.

8, 9 and 10: Human stories

As is the case of the dog, there are other objects in Wallapop that touch the heartstrings . When we saw the photo of this damaged motorcycle, our alert was awakened, because it also offered change for a wheelchair. It is sold for one euro, it will surely compensate in a scrapyard, although it will be a political price. Ramon M, from Barcelona, ​​says that “I no longer need the bike and I need the saddle more, a long story”. Wow, we were wanting to meet her ... or maybe not.

Another classic of personal stories are the wedding dresses ... and groom, which is now also the style to sell. The maximum fun when it comes to reading the ad usually comes when unmade couples' suits are sold. But this time we have not been lucky, or love and fidelity are values ​​very upward . We are left with the advertisement for LolesHC, from Terrassa (Barcelona), which sells (we suppose) her “beautiful and successful” dress. Used only a few hours (well, the wedding was quick, you hear).

Another very human advertisement that has caught our attention ... a Drag Queen! From Vilanova y La Geltrú (Barcelona) Aaron M describes this service in detail : “Professional transformist artist with 10 years of experience, the best option for a birthday, bachelor party, celebration, major party, divorce, inauguration, dinners or business meals and everything you want. Fun, entertainment, glamor, elegance, knowing how to be, responsibility and punctuality are some of the adjectives that describe my work. Prices to consult ”.

11 original!

This ad is unclassifiable: Luis M de Badalona announces a "truth machine" for sale for 5 euros. But that's hardly any of the story, so we better reproduce its text: “Olivetti Lettera 10 typewriter. How to use: - Serve bourbon in a short round glass, accompany with diazepan to taste. Any opiate will do. - Depending on weight and size, wait for the mixture to take effect. - Start writing, family issues are a classic but it can end in divorce or be disinherited. So go ahead. - Do not sign the letter and slip it quietly under the recipient's door. - Once deposited, knock on the door scandalously shouting: "I'm back." - Run away and get ready to laugh at your next family reunion. " The photos, of course, are of an Olivetti Lettera 10.


12 and 13 do you play dice?

Well, be careful who you propose to play with this dice that Vicky de Madrid sells, lest you get a slap. For fifty euros you can get an erotic die, whose six sides offer as many sexual positions. "Fun and ideal to surprise." Well, it is a good cure for monotony, really.

Maybe you don't like the games offered by the dice much, or you want to control the virtue of someone close to you. We are sure that this object will raise angry protests among feminists, but we only bring it here as a sample of the strange things that one finds in Wallapop. And how twisted human ingenuity can be, too. To the point: Tom K from Barcelona sells a chastity belt! Unused, in stainless steel, for 65 euros and comes with a padlock and keys (thank goodness). Shipping included to the peninsula.

14 Ham, ham

The ham is delicious… There are also hams in Wallapop, but that wouldn't be so strange, would it? What we did find remarkable is that there is a lot of offer of something else: ham cutters. And we don't mean the support or the knife, no, but the person who cuts it . Our favorite has been the advertisement by Carolina G from Malaga, for 90 euros negotiable “Ham slicer with more than five years of experience in the world of ham is offered for all kinds of events; weddings, baptisms, communions, business meetings ... I do not have any type of requirement regarding ham or shoulder. Precious plates ”. Well, the photos of the dishes were beautiful (and how delicious).


15, 16, 17: embargoed

For some time Wallapop has a section dedicated to cars . What we didn't expect was to find advertisements for repossessed cars (and motorcycles)! We are not sure that it is very legal to sell a vehicle on which a foreclosure order weighs. But their owners (it is a saying) make that data clear in the ad and affirm that they sell them for scrapping.

Ibai B de Llodio in fact directly advertises a “spare parts for Opel Astra DTI”. He claims that the car is running, has 100,000 kilometers, but being repossessed he can only offer parts and asks for 500 euros. A little less clear is the case of the Volvo S60 2004 Diesel sold by José F (Málaga) “damaged and seized”. With 150,000 kilometers, the cylinder head broken (literal) and an embargo, it asks for 2,350 euros no less. And finally, a Daelim 125 motorcycle, sold by Miguel F de Móstoles (Madrid), "whole or in pieces" because it has 26,000 kilometers and cannot be transferred due to being seized: 500 euros.

18 Classic car

A classic car, yes, but not just any. Juan Antonio D de Santa Coloma Barcelona) offers us a Seat 124 Funeral! The price is not clear to us (we doubt that it is the zero euros of the ad) 1,200 65-horsepower engine and a good base to finish restoring , he says. It is two-seater, but if the accounts go well and we have to transport a "client" ... would they be three occupants, right?


19 Retro vade

From Barcelona comes this announcement of Morgul R: for 150 euros he offers us a briefcase of priest's offices. That is, a briefcase containing a crucifix and other sacred objects , with holy water (presumed). We do not know if any is of some noble material (silver), or if the nobility is only supposed to be. Ideal for practicing exorcisms.

20 Hotel

Yes, to finish a hotel is sold in Wallapop! Someone is looking for an investor with 600,000 euros in Barcelona. The advertisement reads like this: “A very good Opportunity is offered, for personal reasons for moving to the Caribbean. Fully furnished hostel with exquisite decoration is transferred, in perfect condition and operation with active client portfolio. Located in the heart of the city, on a whole floor with an area greater than 300 square meters, with several common areas, 10 rooms with private bathrooms and terraces that favor light and a unique charm ”. If you dare, let us know and give us a discount.