Bottle Cap Challenge, bottles and kicks in a new viral Internet challenge

Bottle Cap Challenge, the new viral challenge similar to Bottle Flip Challenge that triumphs among celebrities

Viral challenges have been invading our social networks for some time. We have seen from One Finger Selfie Challenge, the challenge in which you had to take a nude photo with one finger covering your parts, to the well-known Mannequin Challenge, which practically everyone did. You will also remember the Ice bucket challenge, the viral challenge in which the protagonist threw a bucket of water with ice on top. The latter also became really known and many famous people did it. And it is that not even familiar faces are resistant to carrying out this type of challenge. Now a new challenge is triumphing among some celebrities . It's called the  Bottle Cap Challenge .

As you may have imagined, the Bottle Cap Challenge consists of uncapping a bottle with a kick . The idea is to remove only the cap, without the rest of the bottle not suffering any damage. As with other viral challenges, the person who does it must challenge a known character or friend of his. So, in the last hours, the Internet is filling with videos about this new challenge.

From Max Holloway to Jason Statham

Apparently, the challenge began to become popular when Max Holloway , current featherweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), took it.

Be curious my friends! #challengeaccepted #bottlecapchallenge Passing this on to our guy @JohnMayer…. Hey John if you can't complete this challenge @erlsn and I decided you have to come to Hawaii after your tour and kick it with us until you complete it! 🦶🍾😅 🙏⚡🤙 👊

- Max Holloway (@BlessedMMA) June 28, 2019

One of the sponsors of the well-known fighter challenged him to perform a martial arts stunt that was really complicated. Specifically uncover a bottle with a kick, without the bottle suffering damage of course .


However, everything seems to indicate that the first to perform it was the taekowondo champion  Farabi Davletchin . However, at that time the challenge did not go viral.

Holloway challenged John Mayer , a well-known American musician. I did this in my own way, but the video became quite popular.


And from there, there have been many celebrities, athletes, singers and even comedians who have tried to do the Bottle Cap Challenge. However, the challenge has really become known after the video of Jason Statham . The well-known actor put some interpretation, as well as skill, to achieve the challenge.

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#bottlecapchallenge #challengeaccepted @ erlsn.acr This thing landed on my head from @johnmayer but will quickly go to a couple of fellas we've seen do push ups badly. All yours @guyritchie and @jmoontasri

A post shared by Jason Statham (@jasonstatham) on Jul 1, 2019 at 9:09 am PDT

After Statham, we have been able to see all kinds of well-known characters perform the challenge. For example,  David Spade , American actor and comedian.


And of course, other UFC stars joined the challenge to show that they were no less than Holloway. Among them the well-known and controversial  Conor McGregor , who seemed to do it without too much difficulty.

Excellent job Jason Statham, I tip my cap to you.

I'll take it from here.

I nominate Floyd Mayweather. @properwhiskey

- Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) July 1, 2019

So now you know, if you want to be fashionable when it comes to challenges, go practicing the Bottle Cap Challenge. Did you get it?

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