My Tele, this is all that Movistar + rival offers

My rival Tele by movistar +

In Spain, television operators are constantly competing with each other to see which one offers the best content, but especially where there is usually a greater dispute is over football . They launch attractive football and television Packs to guarantee the highest number of subscribers possible. Although Movistar + is a tough nut to crack and has a long history in the telecommunications sector, Mi Tele is making things difficult for them. Below we show you everything that Mi Tele offers and why it is being the rival of Movistar +.

Everything that Mi Tele offers, the rival of Movistar +

Every year the biggest auctions and investments are made to get the television rights to football. This then is something that affects the rates of each operator with exclusive channels to watch certain competitions. Mi Tele, being owned by Mediaset, has obtained, with its Cuatro and Telecinco channels, the rights to broadcast the Spanish King's Cup this season and until 2022. These matches can be seen in the open without problem.

Something that Mediaset has also achieved is to broadcast one match per day between the Spanish teams that compete in the UEFA Europa League.

These are the options you have for Mi Tele to watch football in the open, but if you want to watch all football by paying a monthly fee, you also have the possibility of contracting different packs . The most complete is that of Mi Tele Plus Fútbol Total. For a fee of 30 euros the first three months, and the following 35 euros without permanence, Mediaset allows its clients to see all the content online, and all the channels where football is broadcast. Something that is quite tempting and thus manages to compete directly with Movistar +. In this way, through this pack it offers the following:

  • LaLiga Santander matches per day (including the Game of the week).
  • LaLiga SmartBank matches (former League 123).
  • All the Champions League and Europa League matches.
  • UEFA Supercup.

My TV Plus football

Furthermore, not everything that Mi Tele offers is exclusively focused on football, its contents go much further. All the content of the Mediaset channels (Telecinco, Cuatro, Factoría de Ficción, Boing, Energy, Divinity, Be Mad) is available online, so that you can see their programs, series, movies and premieres whenever you want, and choose it at the right time. letter. The compatible devices to view all this content are: Samsung, LG Smart TV, Android TV, STB, tablets, computers and Android and iOS mobiles. By having availability on so many devices, you can view your content wherever you want . If you miss something, nothing happens, because you have it available à la carte to see it whenever you want.

My tele devices

On Mi Tele there is a great variety of content for all tastes, because Mediaset has also thought about viewers who are not interested in football . For this reason, it offers entertainment alternatives such as online series, exclusive miniseries, TV Movies, documentaries and television programs that enjoy a large audience. With a modest fee it is also possible to watch movies on demand and premieres. Another advantage that Mi Tele has is that you can test its interface without being subscribed, to see how intuitive it is. So you see the content that is open and pay for a movie when you feel like it.

Mediaset has achieved that Mi TV is competing directly with Movistar +. Mi Tele's on-demand television is one of its strongest points compared to other operators.