The 10 superhero movies you shouldn't miss on Netflix


Superhero cinema is a subgenre that, in turn, touches on many genres from the world of cinematography. Comic heroes, action. Who have gone to the dark side, antiheroes, crazy. With the hanger of a heartthrob from the twenties, failed ... Superheroes (we would also like to say superheroines, but films starring women with extraordinary powers are conspicuous by their scarcity) go far beyond a handful of men doing wonderful things for the world in exchange for nothing. That is why we have searched the Netflix catalog to find those movies that humanize their protagonists or that simply endow a simple human with colossal power. And of course, we have not missed some of the great classics in the history of contemporary cinema.We leave you ten superhero movies that you should not miss for the world.

Batman Trilogy by Christopher Nolan (2005 - 2012)

Since the dark knight landed in our lives back in 2005, he became one of the references in terms of superhero cinema. Batman has traditionally been a character abused by cinematography, with grotesque and burlesque antagonists. Dark movies and a comic cut that gave even a certain embarrassment. With Nolan at the controls and Christian Bale as the protagonist, the DC Comics hero regained his shine. The humanization of a character riddled with defects. And a trilogy that, despite being based on the imaginary city of Gotham, knew how to feed on the socio-economic influences of the time such as the Occupy Wall Street movement. And with some well-drawn villains with whom you get to empathize. A masterpiece with which it is worth sitting down for a whole Sunday to watch the trilogy at once.

Jumper - 2008

A film directed by Doug Liman that presents the protagonist (played by former teen idol Hayden Christensen) as a normal guy who one day encounters a super power that changes his life: he can "jump" from one point to another on the planet in a matter of seconds. A kind of teleportation that allows you to instantly plant yourself from New York to Hawaii. Far from using his gift to do good, he decides that his power is worth tapping a bit and he dedicates himself to toil. Until his power turns against him ... An anti-hero . A superhero movie for those who don't like superhero movies.

Hancock - 2008

Here Will Smith plays a hilarious superhero who doesn't know how to manage his career as such. And it is that the XXI century is not enough to save a group of suburban children from a terrifying fire in which they have been trapped. You have to do it with care, provide them with excellent care in order to avoid possible claims from customers. Not only that, but you have to learn to manage your media figure… Hancock is the story of a superhero behind the scenes. One of those movies that break with the basic schemes and make us see that having powers is sometimes not as spectacular as it might seem a priori.

The Mask - 1994

Comic superheroes also deserve their space. It has been more than two decades since Jim Carrey played the protagonist of this film in which an ancient mask grants almost unlimited powers to its wearer. They are usually torn between doing good and evil. Here he is torn between evil and an idiot who plays the fool with such precious power. A humorous movie, but from the nineties. A classic of comic cinema that will transport you to a cinema of other times.

Yatterman - 2009

If in the West we script the mythical Marvel or DC comics, in Japan their great anime references go to the big screen. That is the case of the film directed by Takashi Miike, which brought Yatterman, a classic of Japanese animation, to the cinema in 2009. A film that is tangentially reminiscent of the cartoon series Dragon Ball. And it is that Yatterman fights because nobody manages to unite the five pieces of the Dokurostone stone, a set that together can work the miracles that its wearer wishes. Preventing it from falling into the wrong hands is the goal of this Japanese superhero.

Blade - 1998

With Blade we are at an ambiguous point. It has super powers, as it is the only hybrid in history between humans and vampires gestated in the womb. But he only uses them in petit committee to kill vampires at close range. A very low-life hero of those that we do not know exists but makes the world the same every morning when we wake up. The soundtrack is one of the best in the history of action movies. And some of its sequences are already the history of modern cinema ...

Watchmen - 2009

One of the best superhero movies that the Hollywood industry has produced in the last decade. The film takes place in 1985, a parallel world, where a group of superheroes is prohibited from using their powers, meets to defend themselves after the murder of one of them. Another film that an alternate reality treats heroes as spoils of society after having finished their period of utility for society. An action movie, but with a strong plot and backstory directed by the same 300 film director, Zack Snyder. A man who would become during the last decade one of the central figures of superhero cinema,  directing films such as Batman vs Superman or The Man of Steel ...

Daredevil - 2003

A love or hate movie. Inescapable gateway to alternative superhero cinema for some and infumable garbage for others. The exact same thing happened with Ben Affleck, its protagonist, who was criticized to exhaustion by fans of the ink version of the blind hero. Be that as it may, it was the previous step in a series that today is also a success on Netflix and that bears the same name. So if you are hooked on the superhero series, let yourself be carried away for a couple of hours by the film version of Daredevil… To remember how much we have come since then.

Matrix Trilogy (1999 - 2003)

Is Neo a superhero or just the product of a system that requires certain protagonists to perpetuate control over the human being? Be that as it may, The Matrix is ​​one of the best science fiction movies ever . Its two sequels aren't quite up to the task of the first, but the Wachowski sisters trilogy is one of the best things to spend your free time on. And another soundtrack that is also worth listening to with all the care in the world.

The Phantom - 1996

Another superhero who jumped from the comic strips to the big screen in the nineties but set back in 1938. With Phantom, in the film version we meet an old-fashioned hero. A lucky guy, by Humphrey Bogart with a mask. An impeccable display of how weird the world of cinema can sometimes be ...