How to play with Pokémon in pokemon

Once you have invested several hours in and have seen how addictive it is, it only remains to climb to the top of the ranking, right? Well, no. Although the game has countless hours of fun thanks to the possibility of playing against people from all over the world, after many deaths it can become boring. That is why there are those who have developed modifications with which to make the experience something more dynamic. Because wouldn't it be more fun to play with Pokémon instead of snakes?

Well it can be done. Of course, for this it is necessary to install SlitherX , a modification or hack that allows you to disrupt some things from the original game. It is a creation that develops the possibilities of and elevates them to new heights. Although this is far from official, the game is still just as fun or more. You just have to follow these steps to play with Pokémon :

slither pokémon

The first thing is to install SlitherX. It is an extension for the Google Chrome browser , so it can only be used in it. Simply enter the Web Chrome Store extensions store and search for it . After pressing the add to Chrome button , the process takes place automatically.

Once SlitherX is installed, an icon will always be present on the right side of the Google Chrome navigation bar . In this way, from any tab and web page, it is possible to access just by clicking on it.

When we access the game, the most notable thing will be the presence of a new menu on the right side of the screen. Here it is possible to browse the different options and extras that this hack or modification adds . However, we are looking for the new designs it includes, so you just have to go to the usual skin change menu in the lower left corner. pokémon

By clicking on this menu, the classic snake model appears, being able to choose the different available designs thanks to the arrows. The novelty is that, in addition to the classic colors and some variations of shapes, SlitherX has a large collection of new designs: from new faces that move away from the concept of the classic snake, to more striking elements such as the famous Internet cat Nyan . The funny thing is that there are variations of this famous cat with the recognizable appearance of Pokémon such as Pikachu , Bulbasur, Squirtle or Charmander . There are also famous people like Red, the protagonist of the Angry Brids, or even the well-known and controversial American politician Donald Trump .

Just browse until you find the right design. After that, you just have to press the Save button to save these settings and return to the home screen. In this way everything is established to be able to start playing , although looking very different from the usual snakes. All this while continuing to grow and gain weight, leaving a trail wherever you go.

In short, a simple change in appearance that can revitalize the desire to play this addictive title . All this completely free .