Worms, the war between worms now comes to Facebook

worms facebook 01

Another classic PC game joins social networks and just a few days ago we can already have an improved version of Worms , the well-known turn-based strategy game that now lands on Facebook . This series of games has almost 20 career titles on PC and other platforms , with each one improving aspects such as a variety of weapons, customization and graphics , one of the most remembered versions being the combat systems in two dimensions, the same which is now released on Facebook.

With Worms we will be able to create different random games with a certain number of worms, which will have access to an arsenal (bazookas, grenades, mines, shotgun ...), being able to use one of these in turn against any rival they have around them. Before the shooting phase, they will be able to move between movements and jumps throughout the stage (always under a limited time). Weather factor and worm position will affect most weapons (for example, the bazooka shell can be deflected by the wind). The first team to eliminate the other wins , or if it is for a certain time or turns the one with the best points at the end.

The launch of the first Worms was in 1995 and, since then, the developer Team17 has managed to take the Worms universe on the right track with a large number of deliveries and improvements, most of them for computers. We've seen many Worms clone games on both social media and smartphones , but none of them reach the level of the original game and all its ingredients , from the turn-based system to the arsenal available to worms.

worms facebook 02

To all its features are now added the social components worthy of any game for Facebook . First of all, the possibility of playing against anyone on the social network through its "adversary search engine" , something that is appreciated in a fully multiplayer game . The customization could not miss in this game, you can modify from the appearance of worms as the type of tombs that will be eliminated when the level.

There will also be content for a single player , since there will be the fight system "against the machine" , this time in the form of Professor Worm (guide to the game's tutorial) and challenges, classic confrontations in which certain weapons or weapons will have to be used. win fights in very unbalanced matches.

A problem that many players will see (especially veterans in the Worms saga ) is that not all weapons will be available from the first moment : they will have to be purchased with money earned from the confrontations or by leveling up and unlocking them . If you were looking to start the games with the "holy bomb" you will have to wait, for example, until level thirteen and collect an amount of money that is not very difficult to achieve if we play a few games.

As weak points of the game it must be said that the physics that marks the movements and falls of the objects is not very successful , sometimes it sins of being very slow and in other cases the objects follow the trajectories correctly, as with the movements of the worms. The micro-payment system, although it is not mandatory and is one of the few games that least affects fun, continues to create a gap between players and will not be to everyone's taste.