Lenovo Watch X smartwatch runs out in just 15 seconds

Lenovo Watch X smartwatch runs out in just 15 seconds

Seen and unseen. This is what has happened to Lenovo's smartwatch, the Lenovo Watch X as soon as it goes on sale for the first time in stores. 15 seconds is what it took for this new Lenovo brand smartwatch to be available in stores. It was last June when Lenovo unveiled the brand's new smartwatch, a Lenovo Watch X along with a special edition called Watch X Explorer Edition. The first store to be available was the Asian store JD.Com at 10 am today and, as we said, they have sold out in 15 seconds. What does this watch offer to make it a huge success?

A watch sold at lightning speed

It is the successor to the Lenovo Watch 9, an update with quite a few differences. For example, the front is more striking and thick, with a mechanical dial in the entire central and upper part and OLED screen in the lower part of it. The front dial is made of sapphire crystal resistant to small scratches that you may suffer from day to day. The body of the watch also has a 316L surgical grade steel body so it will present great resistance to shocks and falls. It is also a waterproof watch with a Milanese strap with a magnetic closure.


The hands of the clock will be conveniently illuminated for when we see the clock at night. In addition, we will have a great variety of sensors that make this watch an outstanding piece within the vast panorama of smart watches that we have. We have gravity, geomagnetic, barometer, gyroscope, heart rate and blood pressure sensor in the premium edition of this watch, the Watch X Explorer Edition. The normal edition will feature all the sensors except the blood pressure and barometer. So this can be a very interesting watch, especially for older people who need regular blood pressure control for health issues and do not want to spend money on an additional and specific device.

The battery is another aspect to take into account in this new Lenovo Watch X. According to the brand itself, the user can have 45 continuous days on the smartwatch, thanks to its 600 mAh battery , without having to connect it to the network. Of course, with regard to connections we will have the Bluetooth 5.0 version to pair it with the official application through the mobile phone. This version of Bluetooth improves the connection and the distance of the signal four times more, compared to the previous ones, in addition to doubling the speed of data transfer and a bandwidth 8 times greater.

lenovo watch x 2

If you are interested in acquiring this new Lenovo Watch X, you will have to wait a little longer for it to be in stock and available in our continent, or through some of the Asian online stores such as Aliexpress or Gearbest. The prices of each model will depend on the strap that is available, metallic or leather:

  • Lenovo Watch X : 40 euros metal strap and 45 euros leather strap
  • Lenovo Watch X Explorer Edition : 54 euros metal strap and 58 euros leather strap