Foreignrap, the best website to discover rap from all over the world

Foreignrap, the best website to discover rap from all over the world

If you are a lover of rap in its entirety (and more so now, with the trap subgenre giving more war than ever) we have the definitive website of the genre. And it is not definitive because here are the most popular, the most influential and successful artists in the United States. No way. We speak of definitive, precisely, because of the informative work that it offers. Are you not tired, lovers of the genre, of always hearing the same thing? Rap from the east coast, from the west coast. Maybe a little English grime or a little French urban rap… And stop counting. And what about the rest of the world?

The most international rap website

Foreignrap is a paradise for all those seekers of rarities within the world of rap. On this page you can find rap music from a large handful of countries around the world. From countries that you didn't even think there could be people dedicating themselves to the world of hip hop. China, Iceland, Indonesia and Turkey are among them. And if you are a real lover of the genre, the dish cannot be more appetizing, saturated with the same things, 24 hours a day.

foreignrap rap web

The Foreignrap platform is a rap website that has been developed by three amateur musicians. And thanks to The Next Web we have had proof of it. The web interface is extremely intuitive. Simply apply the random filter so that artists from all over the world appear, as if it were a surprise, or choose it yourself from the drop-down. In addition, you can share your new discoveries through social networks.

Also, at the bottom, you have a small button to jump to the next song, in case the one that is playing is not very to your liking. The creators have also taken into account the help that musicians can receive through Foreignrap. To do this, they have enabled certain shortcuts to their respective accounts on music streaming platforms such as YouTube or Spotify. Thus, if you enjoy a song, you can listen to its album, mixtape or single directly from its official account.

As part of the launch of the website, this trio of fans have created a mixtape with a selection of the best artists that can be heard on it. Of course, you can listen to it through Spotify or your favorite music streaming network.