How to get the data from box 505 for the 2019 Income declaration


The 2019 Income campaign began on April 1, 2020 . There are no exceptions that are valid this year, so for now, if you have to file your income tax return, you will have to do it within the usual deadlines. You have time from April 1 to June 30, 2020 .

The first thing you will have to do before getting down to work is to check your tax data. The tax data are those that are in the hands of the Tax Agency, so that if you do not have to make modifications, confirming them will be enough. 

But beware, the experts warn: that by going fast and wanting to get a refund, we are not going to be wrong. If we do things wrong, in the future we may suffer sanctions. Be that as it may, when you try to access your tax data online, you can do so in three ways: through an electronic certificate, through the Cl @ ve PIN or using the already traditional reference number.

One of the data that the Tax Agency will ask you, in addition to the DNI / NIE and its expiration date, will be the data in box 505 . To obtain it, you will have to have last year's income statement at hand. That you have problems? Well, we will help you right away.


Obtain the data of box 505 from the app

Obtaining this information is very simple. All you have to do is look for your income tax return for last year (the one corresponding to the year 2018) and locate the data in box 0505. It is the one that corresponds to the general taxable base subject to tax [(500) - (501)]. It may happen that you do not have the declaration on paper.

The easiest thing, in these cases, and if you made the declaration through a manager, is to ask it directly . Surely you keep a copy, if it is not on paper, it will be digital. If this is not an option that you contemplate, we go there with the possible solutions.

In the application of the Tax Agency you have all the declarations of the previous years . You also have them on the web. We are going to try to get a copy of the 2018 Income Tax return. Do the following:

1. In the first place, if you already had the application of the Tax Agency downloaded last year , you will have them easier. Open it with the corresponding unlock pattern or code and access.

2. Click on the Previous exercises option . You will see that here are the statements of the last four years. You can download the one from 2018, but also the one from 2017, 2016 or 2015.

3. Give Exercise 2018. Here you will have the option to check the status of the process . You just need to click here and then select View filed return. The document will open in PDF format on your mobile phone and you will have the option to check the information in box 505.

query statements

Access the web to see the information in box 505

If you cannot access it through the Tax Agency app, you can also try it from the Income portal . Follow these instructions:

1. Access the section See the filed returns . You will have to do it with the password or reference number that you used last year.

2. You can also enter this section from the More procedures section. Or enter the Form 100 Procedures page in the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency. There is a section called Queries in which you can see the queries submitted from Query filed returns .

3. A search engine will appear, linked to your ID . If you choose the year 2018, you will get the income of last year and you will be able to locate the data in box 505 without problems. With this, you will have the opportunity to obtain the new reference number and start the procedures for Income 2019.