How to remove email accounts, contacts and calendar from Windows 8

Windows 8 Accounts

Windows 8 is an operating system that clearly bets on customization and the integration of different services within applications (especially pre-installed Microsoft applications ). But this agglomeration of data can be annoying for some users, since everything revolves around the Microsoft account and there may be many reluctance about the way in which personal data from sites such as Google, Facebook or Twitter is processed . We tell you how to remove the accounts associated with the system's mail, contacts and calendar apps .

The first thing to keep in mind is that the entire Windows 8 universe revolves around a Microsoft account (for example, your Hotmail account ). Only with the use of this account is it possible to download apps from the Windows 8 store (a good way to push the user to enter this universe of the company) and synchronize the system configurations across several computers. In addition, in a complementary way, various service accounts such as Gmail, the Google calendar, Facebook or Twitter can be added. We tell you how to break these associations (or add new accounts) through Microsoft apps .

Windows 8 Accounts

If what you want is to stop using the Microsoft account and break this association, you can switch to a local account. To do this, go to the lower left corner of the screen, then the Settings button and "Change PC settings". Within the Users tab we see that the first option that appears is to create a local account. As we said before, this decision limits the use that we can make of the main Windows 8 interface and will automatically undo all the account links that we have previously created. Another solution is to uninstall all the pre-installed Windows 8 apps.

Now, if what we want is to remove a specific account, it must be done from the configuration of each app. First of all, within the Mail application  we go back to "Settings" in the lower right part of the screen and then to "Accounts" . We can remove the added Google accounts, secondary accounts of Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail if we click on the name and then on "Remove account" at the end of the configuration options. If we remove the associated Google account , it will also disconnect from the Windows 8 calendar app . In the same way we can manage the accounts that appear in theCalendar app (which supports Microsoft and Google calendar ).

On the other hand, in the case of contacts, the fan extends to the social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn . Adding these accounts means completing the personal data and updates of each contact through these platforms. Keep in mind that the Skype account cannot be removed (to do so, the Skype application must be uninstalled ). Access to these options is done in the same way as in the rest of the pre-installed Windows 8 apps .