Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, keep pounding zombies on Facebook

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The zombies come-brains or undead are still very fashionable. Whether in movies, television series or video games , the popularity of these terrifying characters continues to haunt us day after day. On this occasion and since we are video games, we are going to talk about Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, the last title of the well-known franchise that debuted in 2009 and that has not stopped reaping successes since then.

On this occasion, the people of PopCap Games have launched Plants vs. Zombies Adventures , a new twist on this tower defense saga. Although the game continues with the classic mechanics of defending ourselves against endless hordes of the undead, some interesting new features are added for those gamers who have already traveled all the versions of Plants Vs. Zombies . Then we leave you with the direct link to be able to play Plants vs. Plants for free from Facebook . Zombies Adventures and its official trailer , in which you can see some of these developments.

Plants vs.  Zombies adventures

Zombies that advance slowly but surely, destroying everything in their path. To combat them we will not have electric saws, baseball bats or a good cut, since in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures and following the line of previous installments, it will be the plants that are in charge of giving these unpleasant beings what they deserve. However, we will have to be more careful than ever, since the zombies will be more dangerous and smart and will have a good range of new abilities. Being a game anchored in the social network  Facebook , we can carry out various actions with our friends such as sending zombies to invade their cities, share objects or see their classification in the game at all times.

In this new version of Plants vs. Zombies will have to visit other places in the city, in order to get new objects to help us in the fight against zombies . As it could not be otherwise and although it is something optional, the player will have the possibility of acquiring special powers through micro-transactions . As we say it is something optional, but the advantage of those who buy objects over those who do not is considerable.

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Save for those small changes, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is very faithful to the rest of the games in the saga. The main objective will be to destroy all the zombies before they destroy the brains of the residents. For this we have a good amount of plants prepared for the siege, although as we advance levels the undead will be more and better prepared . We just leave you with the direct link to Facebook where you can start enjoying the new Plants vs. Zombies adventures

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