65-inch Samsung QLED Q8F, full illumination and HDR10 +

65-inch Samsung QLED Q8F, full illumination and HDR10 +

Your Expert RecommendedWe continue our review of Samsung's QLED range for 2018 with the 65-inch Samsung QLED Q8F . This model is just below the Samsung QLED Q9F and seeks to offer most of the features of its older brother at a more competitive price. In fact, it even maintains the Full Array lighting system, although we assume that with fewer lighting zones. It also has, how could it be otherwise, with Quantum Dot and support for HDR10 +.

And if we leave aside the image, it comes equipped with Ambient Mode, the new version of Samsung's Smart TV and the SmartThings system . The 65-inch Samsung QLED Q8F will be launched in the United States with a price of $ 3,000, about 2,400 euros to change. This represents a difference of 600 euros with the top-of-the-range model.


Diagonal65 inches
Resolution and technology4K Ultra HD
Panel typeLED, Full Array Backlight
SupportTwo dark colored legs
Operating systemTizen tv
ControlOne Remote
Sound4.1ch, 40W, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Premium Sound 5.1
Connections4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, optical digital audio out
Wireless connectivityWiFi, Bluetooth
OthersAmbient Mode, SmartThings
Dimensions145 x 90.9 x 29.4 cm (with stand)
Weight27 kg
Release dateApril 2018
Price3,000 dollars (about 2,400 euros)

Full Array lighting system

When we talk about the top-of-the-range model, we comment that its new lighting system was the great novelty at the image level. This full-range backlighting system remains in the Samsung QLED Q8F . However, it is not exactly the same.

new Samsung QLED Q8F full array

This we assume to be so because Samsung has given the system a different name in the specifications. In the Samsung QLED Q9F it is called Direct Full Array Elite, while in the Samsung QLED Q8F the manufacturer names it as Full Array Backlight . Although, at the moment, they have not disclosed what each one consists of, we understand that the top model will have a greater number of lighting zones.

That aside, the Q8F boasts some of Samsung's best technology. We are talking about a 4K UHD panel that includes the technology of quantum dots with metallic coating . This allows you to achieve 100% color volume rendering.

Furthermore, the Samsung Q8F is equipped with an anti-glare panel and the Ultra Black Elite system . This reduces glare and significantly improves blacks.

new Samsung QLED Q8F quantum

All this, together with the Q Engine processor , allows a more faithful reproduction of HDR10 + images and makes the Q8F have Ultra HD Premium certification .

The Samsung Q8F also inherits the Motion Rate 240 system from its older brother . This allows smooth image movement even in very fast scenes.

Designed not to stand out

Samsung has focused its design philosophy on  removing any possible distractions so that the viewer focuses solely on what they are seeing . And with this in mind they have been designing their high-end televisions for years.

The Samsung QLED Q8F is a good example of this. It has minimal frames surrounding the screen, even at the bottom . In addition, to place the TV on a cabinet, two minimalist legs in dark color are included. Its design is very similar to that of the 2016 Samsung KS7000.

new Samsung QLED Q8F design

The back offers a striped design, in black, very clean . We only see two covers, one for the wall hanging system and the other for the only connection cable that the TV has.

And is that Samsung has managed to unify all the cables into one, including the current . This improves the system that we saw last year in televisions like the Samsung QLED Q8C.

Additionally, both the back and leg design include a cable guide . So, we won't even see that one cable too much.

new Samsung QLED Q8F ambient mode

This year Samsung has taken out of the hat a new system so that the TV is not a hindrance in home decoration. It's called  Ambient Mode and it is used to “camouflage” the TV with the wall.

It has four modes of operation. In Decor mode we can choose the interactive background that best fits the decoration of our home. That is, we can have the television as if it were just another painting.

In Info mode, the TV will show us relevant daily information, such as the weather, the outside temperature or the most important news of the day. The interface in this mode can also be customized so that it does not clash.

The third mode is called Photo and, as you can imagine, it will allow us to place any photo as a background. Finally, we will have a Music mode , in which we will have an animation that will follow the rhythm.

Smart TV even better

new Samsung QLED Q8F smart tv

Samsung's Smart TV system is considered one of the best on the market . Both for its ease of use and its content. It includes some exclusive applications, obtained by the manufacturer through agreements.

The 2018 QLED models will keep this great system, but with some improvements. For example, a universal content guide is now included . It recommends the most popular programs and content, regardless of their platform.

Also, the Samsung QLED Q8F arrives with Bixby included . At least in the United States, where Samsung's personal assistant is already available. We assume that when it arrives in Spain it will be included in the Spanish version of the TV software.

The new TVs are included in Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem . This will allow us, from easily configure the television using the mobile, to synchronize and share content quickly.

We can also receive notifications from other SmartThings devices on the TV. And all this by controlling the equipment from the same application.

Price and availability

new Samsung QLED Q8F price

As we anticipated at the beginning, the new QLED televisions are not yet available on the Spanish Samsung website. So the price we have, at the moment, is the one corresponding to the US market.

The Samsung QLED Q8F is available in 65 inches with a price tag of $ 3,000 . This translates to about 2,400 euros. We will have to wait to see at what real price it reaches Europe.