Yamaha WX-030, wireless speaker with MusicCAST technology

Yamaha WX-030

The small speaker Yamaha WX-030 incorporates a port WiFi Direct to communicate with the rest of the range equipment MusicCAST of Yamaha and to network and share music throughout the house. This new network audio function from the Japanese company allows all MusicCAST equipment to receive and send audio from or to any of the devices in the range, allowing us to create a multiroom system that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet thanks to the free application MusicCAST . The WX-030 represents the compact option in the range, being ideal for small rooms such as a bedroom, the kitchen or even the bathroom.

With a quite functional and discreet appearance, the new Yamaha WX-030 is, as we have said, the compact solution of the MusicCAST family of equipment . It is available in white or black , and its exterior dimensions are  24.3 centimeters wide by 15.6 high and 11.5 deep , and its weight is 2.2 kilograms . It is a small device that is designed as a desktop speaker, but it can also be installed on the wall , and the truth is that this way it looks great. The front surface features the classic speaker protection grille, moving the control buttons to the top panel.

Yamaha WX-030

In terms of its technical specifications, the WX-030 transmits sound through a two - way compound by a loudspeaker bass / midrange nine centimeters and dome tweeter three centimeters which handles the high frequencies. A passive radiator helps boost bass to increase the sense of depth of sound. With all this, the WX-030 offers a total audio power of 30 watts , enough to listen to music in a room or small room at normal volume.

Pero sin duda, la caracterí­stica más interesante del nuevo WX-030 es la función MusicCAST. Gracias a los puertos Ethernet, WiFi y Bluetooth incorporados, este pequeño Yamaha puede comunicarse en red con otros equipos MusicCAST, permitiéndonos tanto recibir como enviar nuestra música favorita desde el WX-030 a otro altavoz, barra de sonido o equipo Yamaha compatible. Con la gama MusicCAST podremos crear un auténtico sistema multihabitación, sending different music to each team or synchronizing them all to play the same thing. In any case, the management of the network is done through the MusicCAST application , with which we can govern an entire system or simply a single device . With this app we can access our digital collection of songs, but also streaming music services such as Spotify . The Bluetooth port also works in two directions, and in addition to playing the music from our smartphone or tablet Without connecting any cables we can, for example, link wireless headphones to listen to our favorite songs in privacy, which we also have the right to do.

Yamaha WX-030  has a starting price in Spain of  270 euros .