How to get the reference number for the 2018 income tax return

How to get the reference number for Income 2018

Are you preparing everything to present your 2018 Income Tax return as of April 2? The deadline to send the declarations to the Tax Agency (this year it can only be done electronically or in person, but through the internet) begins this Tuesday, so you have to have all the documentation on the table as soon as possible. It is the best way to ensure that our return is managed in an agile and fast way.

And since almost all the procedures are carried out online, in fact 100% of the procedures related to the 2018 Income declaration can be done through the internet, it will be necessary that you get a reference number to be able to access both your tax data, such as make modifications to the declaration already presented or check the status of the return.

The reference number is a code with which all procedures can be carried out from the official Income 2018 portal . If you still do not have it and you do not know very well how to obtain it, we will tell you what are the steps to follow below.

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The reference number for the 2018 Income Statement

If you want to do any management related to the 2018 Income tax return, you will need to request the reference number, which is the code that will serve you both to present the return and to carry out subsequent checks during the entire 2018 Income campaign.

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To get it, do the following:

1. Access the official page of the Tax Agency. You can use the link that we provide or write this address in the address bar of your browser: // And although you can do it without problems through the web, it is best to use the application. Later we will tell you how.

2. Click on the first option in the management section: Get your reference number. Through this service you will get the reference number to manage all the 2018 Income services.

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3. As you can see in the screenshot, to get this reference number you can use the Cl @ ve system, the electronic certificate or, directly, through box 475 of Income 2017 . It is a piece of information that you will quickly find in your return from last year and that will be requested during the process of obtaining the reference number.

4. We are going to tell you how to do it through box 475, because it is the simplest. The next step will be to enter your NIF or NIE number and the validity date, which you will naturally find on the document itself.

5. They will also ask you if you made the declaration last year and from there, you will have to enter the data from Box 475 . Then you will see the reference number that you can use for all the procedures. The first: check your tax data.

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Get the reference number from your mobile

If you want to streamline the process even more, we recommend that you access all these procedures directly from your mobile phone . To do this, you will need the application, which you have available for free, both for iOS and Android.

1. Once the application is downloaded, access with the option to identify yourself (it is the only one with which you can make arrangements). Select a type of access to identify yourself: With reference .

2. Click on the option Get new reference with tax data and identify yourself . You will have to enter your DNI or NIE, the date of validity and finally, the information in box 475. With all this, you will have already obtained the reference number and you will be able to consult your tax information and do all the steps you need from the application of the mobile.