Yamaha NS-555, floorstanding speakers

yamaha ns-555

The Yamaha NS-555 are tower- sized floorstanding speakers that are almost a meter tall . They are built to work with digital sources , for which they offer a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity. They are black in color and feature the elegant glossy finish of the brand's pianos. Its enclosures have an elliptical shape, like all of the EF family from the same brand, which are also characterized by a solid construction that minimizes sound diffraction. The grilles that protect the speaker cones are newly designed. They are made of a special fabricwhich is attractive to the eye, but which is also acoustically transparent, in the sense that it does not influence the sound.

They are three - way speakers with a configuration of four speakers plus a bass port. The configuration includes a tweeter with an aluminum dome 2.5 centimeters in diameter, which also has a horn type waveguide that reduces reflected sound. This kind of speaker is designed to provide optimal sound performance in home theater environments , where it is important that the sound beams are directed with high precision. Thus, these boxes are not only good for enjoying music, but can also act as front channels within a complete home cinema system for the home. They also include two wooferswith 16-centimeter cones, fitted with polymer-injected mica (PMD) diaphragms, and a midrange driver with a 13-centimeter cone and Waveguide horn.

yamaha ns-555

These Yamahas are factory equipped with blade-shaped feet that come standard. The design of the feet is attractive and matches well with the style of the enclosure of the boxes. They are not mere static, because these supports ensure stability, isolate well from the ground where they are supported, and reduce the resonances produced by vibrations. The frequency response is quite wide, ranging from 35 to 35,000 hertz , with the cuts located at 1 kHz and 4 kHz. The sensitivity reaches 88 decibels. They can handle a nominal input power of 100 watts with peaks that can reach a maximum of 250 watts. The Yamaha NS-555 aremagnetically shielded . Thus, there will be no problem when placing them near a television or a television screen, because they will not degrade the images. All internal wiring is made with Monster Cable company components , so the signal is clear.

The most purist should know that they can be bi-wired , because they have separate connections for the woofers and the rest of the transducers; This separation reduces distortion and results in an increase in sound quality. Each weighs 20 kilos and measures 222 millimeters wide by 980 millimeters high and 345 millimeters deep. It is possible to find the Yamaha NS-555 for sale at a price of 220 euros , the pair.