▷ Pangea: what is it and why is it trending on Twitter

why pangea twitter what is it

At this time of the afternoon and from early in the morning Pangea , which was the original continent of the five current continents, is in the Trends section of Twitter. As is often the case with this type of viral phenomenon, the popularization of the continent has a humorous tone that comes from an innocent tweet from a user of the same social network.

First of all, what is Pangea?

As we just quoted at the beginning of the article, Pangea is about the supercontinent originating from the five current continents that gathered the entire land surface of the planet.

what is pangea

Original form of Pangea.

It emerged during the transition of the Paleozoic era and the Mesozoic era, and grouped a large part of what we now know as the five continents of the Earth: Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania (six if we count Antarctica).

The shape of it, although it is not possible to know it exactly, is obtained through the union of all the regions formed by land , resulting in an image very similar to the one we can see in the article.

As for the evolution of the continent, what better way than to refer to @golorico's tweet to know its evolution throughout history:

There are gifes and gifes. And this one from #Pangea is wonderful 🤩 pic.twitter.com/PfVchtXRXx

- Regen Bogen 🇪🇸🇮🇱🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈 (@golorico) August 16, 2019

What about Pangea on Twitter?

The main reason for the viralization of Pangea on Twitter is due, once again, to the ignorance on the part of a user of the social network of the existence of Pangea.

Well, I just realized that South America and Africa fit together perfectly because before there were no continents. Regards. pic.twitter.com/pIBLFCMl3h

- SX (@SANGREXENEIZE) August 15, 2019

As we can see in the original tweet, the Twitter user @SANGREXENEIZE has shown his amazement to discover that the shapes of Africa and South America coincide perfectly , in such a way that their coasts fit together as if it were a puzzle .

As you may have imagined, the reason for this event , chance? it is due to the subsequent disintegration of Pangea during the transition of the Triassic and Jurassic periods, no less than 175 million years ago. The meaning of Pangea , in fact, refers to the expression "All land" or "All soil" (pan, which means everything and gea, which means soil or earth).

The jokes have not taken long to be noticed. So much so, that the word Pangea is currently ranking first in the Trends section of Twitter, with a whopping 16,000 tweets in the last few hours and constantly growing.

Pangea was later. The original name was Bilbao.

- Pierre (@PierreDoyAlguna) August 16, 2019

I remembered with grace someone who to refer to the supercontinent Pangea, said "pancake" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 By the way, this is what Pangea would look like with the current border limits. pic.twitter.com/NS7PZknQF0

- Juan Alberto (@ juanalberto18) August 16, 2019

Pangea is trending now.

Wait for them to discover that the earth is round.

- Su✨ (@flordeherrera) August 16, 2019

Are you all saying about Pangea but no one is going to comment on anything about "had" ?? //t.co/vAT3RbEWoJ

- MMM 🦊 (@MedranoMalo) August 16, 2019

This is the real Pangea, don't be fooled. pic.twitter.com/LW0XJ9gdwq

- ..XAN .. (@Xan_SL) August 16, 2019

Many others point to the lack of knowledge of the user in question about one of the basic concepts of geology and geography, as well as the deficiencies of the current educational system.

As a science teacher, the tremendous ignorance of some people worries me. That continental drift, Pangea and plate tectonics are studied in 4th year of ESO, the last year of compulsory education in our country. This happens by leaving Geology in the background. //t.co/01aDrDDik8

- Pablo (@Onopordum) August 16, 2019

Pangea is a trend because someone has realized that South America and Africa fit together…. pic.twitter.com/WEJT7ZyPye

- Vivian in a Dream (@vivianyviv) August 16, 2019

In any case, it is at least curious to see how this type of phenomenon becomes viral due to an oversight? of the protagonist of the tweet, although it would be convenient to delve into the reason for his ignorance.