Lost, how to watch the sixth season episodes of Lost online for free


February 9 arrives , the date marked by Lost fans as the beginning of the final season of a series that has broken molds and schemes , and not exactly in audience . And it is that the plot concocted by JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse has an army of followers on the Internet that is difficult to quantify due to the phenomenon that it has caused in terms of downloads and streaming viewing of the episodes through the network. Perhaps with a view to seeking the commercial performance of that shadow audience , in Spain it will begin to be broadcast through Flumotion technology.

The double episode that begins the sixth season of Lost , titled LAX , will be broadcast through television Four at 22.15 . Right after the episode ends , users who want to can watch it online, free of charge and totally legal . For that, they will have to access Play Cuatro , the content streaming service that this channel has on the Internet , and through the WebTV application they will have their favorite series at their fingertips .


Thanks to the model that is proposed with Flumotion technology , it seems that everyone wins. On the one hand, the content programmer increases the availability of the product , allowing the user to consume the series whenever they want (as long as it is after the episode is broadcast on the television grid ) , while segmenting the target advertising to the millimeter .

Precisely in advertising , more candies are craved for this system . The more or less traditional formats of sponsorship and advertising spaces between content spaces give way to those that for some time have been permeating the network , such as overlapping advertisements on the skirt, watermarks or on-screen modules .

And finally, users seem to be able to find a formula within the legal frameworks of having remote access to the series whenever and wherever they want . In addition, the series would be enriched with satellite services , such as access to different language settings , as well as the integration of subtitles during the broadcast .