The best memes of Franco's exhumation to share on WhatsApp

The best memes of Franco's exhumation to share on WhatsApp 1

The exhumation of the late Spanish dictator Francisco Franco will take place this morning in the Valley of the Fallen . The fate of the Generalissimo's remains will lie in the El Pardo-Mingorrubio cemetery after the dismantling of the tomb built in the Valle chapel, a process that will begin at 10:30 a.m. and will end once they have managed to attach the cargo module to the helicopter to transport it.

Meanwhile, there are not a few who decide to liven up the evening by sharing Franco memes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram  with hashtags such as #exhumacionFranco and #unboxingfranco, and this time we have made a compilation with some of the best memes to share on social networks.

The exhumation of Franco, the video game

Some people prefer to see one of the most important historical moments in Spain as a game. Could it be that we will meet a final boss  when Franco's grave is opened?

Franco's exhumation. The videogame. #exhumacionFranco #BuenMiercoles #Franco #videogames # AbascalA3N #MonarquiaAUrnas

- Repeluco (@ Repeluco3) October 23, 2019

The Valley is not touched

The "nostalgic for the dictatorship" already warned. Although it has been of little use.

The first taxis begin to be ordered in El Valle de los Caídos.

- Moe de Triana (@moedetriana) October 24, 2019

The only valley that matters to me.

- Lali (@Lalibretilla) October 24, 2019

Sales in the Valley of the Fallen. # ExhumacionFranco

- Clint Piticlint (@ClintPiticlint) October 23, 2019

Ready to lift deadlift @ Valle de los Caidos ”gym

- HugoTheCat (@ HugoTheCat1) October 23, 2019

The audience has decided that you must leave the Valley of the Fallen… ..


- 👣👣 (@ Antonioem13) October 23, 2019

He gets out of jail. From the cemetery ...

Dakota already said it on the Big Brother Four show. He gets out of jail. From the cemetery ... too!

I tell you that if #exhumacionFranco

- Cristina Varas (@VNCristina) October 24, 2019

Paquito Sales, the new Netflix series

Paquita Salas, the series starring Brays Efe also has a Franco meme. Are you out or not?

#ExhumationFranco #UnboxingFranco

Paquita Salas // Paquito Sales

- Isma 👁🍇 (@Ismaeae_) October 24, 2019

Well they have left me hanging

The history of Italian and Spanish fascism in a meme. The difference between the two regimes is that one of their leaders has endured over time until more than 80 years later .

- Tomorrow I go out that I have a meeting with some colleagues.

- They left me hanging last time.

- Dani Lucarelli (@lataninad) October 23, 2019

Today is Thursday and the body knows it

There is a Spanish tradition older than the Franco regime ... And that is going out on Thursdays for petting .

- Maruja Torres (@MistralS) October 22, 2019

Frank with 127 years leaving on Thursday and I with 19 staying in my fucking house

- rosi (@rosisantosc) October 22, 2019

Confirmed: Franco leaves on Thursday

- Javier Santos (@_JavierSantos_) October 23, 2019

This Thursday kids are leaving

- Joan Franco (@ joanfranco_01) October 22, 2019

Getting up early was never your thing

Opening the dictator's tomb at 10:30 in the morning is perhaps not the best idea to avoid the memes of Franco's exhumation .

- elon (@offensiveprank) October 24, 2019

Respect for Human Rights

We dedicate the first to those murdered by Franco's followers who are still in the gutters of our highways. Some people who were simply democrats and were massacred with impunity with the approval of the genocidal dictator. A shocking reality and difficult to understand by some who now call themselves "democrats and constitutionalists."

00 Strasbourg Court


franco leaves the group

helicopter pilot sniper

The best memes of Franco's exhumation to share on WhatsApp 2


The best memes of Franco's exhumation to share on WhatsApp 3

The Simpsons already predicted Franco's exhumation

The Simpsons have managed to predict several historical events, such as the coming to power of Donald Trump in the United States Government. Now it is the turn of the Spanish dictator.

The Simpsons already predicted it #exhumacionFranco

- Isaac Corrales 💾 (@isaacfcorrales) October 24, 2019

Franco's exhumation has already been predicted by the Simpsons.

- KiKeNiCo (@KiKeNiCo) October 24, 2019

Always accurate the Simpsons, this time hitting the exhumation of Franco.

- Borjous (@borjous) October 24, 2019

Can you imagine that when Franco is removed, it is an advertising strategy like in the Simpsons? 😂😂😂😂😂

- LL (@ diegobape98) October 22, 2019

Exhumation of Franco by the Simpsons. # ExhumaciónFranco

- Jesus (@ JesusCA266) October 23, 2019

That Franco would be taken out by flying already predicted by The Simpsons # exhumacionFranco

- Ait ๏ r (@masrento) October 23, 2019

I'm looking forward to seeing tomorrow's episode of The Simpsons. #JebediahSpringfield #Franco # ExhumationFranco

- • L obo • (@_joselobo_) October 23, 2019

I wish the Simpsons had seen it before and that the exhumation of Franco is the inauguration of a megalithic theme park with the largest shopping center in the world.

- Mario J. Gordito (@mariogordito) October 23, 2019

Come on Paco, to the next hole

The dictator's fondness for golf in his last years of life is well known . What better Franco meme than this fact in itself.

Come on Paquito, next hole # exhumacionFranco

- PatriGos (@patrigos) October 24, 2019

#exhumacionFranco Stop evictions.

- Leonidas, King of Sparta (@Spartan_Fighter) October 21, 2019

More Franco memes

It will be because of the dictator's memes. Of different themes and tones of humor to share with your close circle of friends or nostalgic? .

Don't you think they are carrying a giant Tigreton?

- Miss Puri (@SenoritaPuri) October 24, 2019

"Lads, in a while the umboxing begins" #unboxingfranco

- MrAdrianki (@MrAdrianki) October 24, 2019

-How happy I see you, Excellency!

-It's that today I'm going to move my skeleton! #Unboxingfranco #exhumacionFranco

- Jan Moixó🎗 (@CapitaJanMoixo) October 24, 2019

The machinery to exhume Paco enters the Valley of the Fallen

- vicent 🌈💔💜 (@ vjf33) October 20, 2019

Please we need confirmation whether or not she has a white ass. This is unliving #unboxingfranco

- Llamamedonut (@llamamedonut) October 24, 2019