Brother ADS-2400N, analysis of this departmental scanner

brother ads2400n

your expert recommendsThere are all kinds of scanners on the market. However, not all are professionally focused. And those that are, usually occupy a large size in the office. Brother has changed this with their ADS series . Among them, the ADS-2400N stands out , a departmental scanner that not only saves space, but is really capable and practical in offices with moderate document work. And it is capable of scanning up to 3,000 sheets a day thanks to its double - sided sensor color. Here we analyze it in detail.

A capable and simple scanner

Brother has worked to make this scanner really useful in an office without having to do a training to know all its capabilities. So much so that it has only three buttons to control absolutely everything . And this scanner not only digitizes documents, it also does many other things such as creating a whole file with several scanned pages or sending attachments by mail. All this without interacting with the computer. And what is better, without the need to carry out any kind of previous configuration beyond connecting the device to the network using the Ethernet cable . So, this Brother ADS-2400Nis responsible for presenting itself as a device connected to computers and printers thanks to its software and its support for the main Windows and MacOS operating systems . With this, it is not necessary to carry out other installation procedures.

brother ads2400n

Once connected to the network and to the power , the scanner can be put to work. Its characteristics, specifically, consist of scanning to attach to an email, to create a file, an image, to send to a network or to a character recognition program, to Microsoft's SharePoint, to create a document in a memory connected by the USB port, to send the file through the FTP and SFTP or WS Scan protocols , to take it directly to a connected printer or, finally, to create a PDF file in which to search for content. Again, all this in a really simple way.

Quality scanning

Now, this scanner is not only capable of performing all these functions, but it does so very quickly thanks to its double-sided scanning system. The  Brother ADS-2400N scans both sides of a single pass sheet with maximum speeds of 60 duplex scans per minute , or 30 simplex scans per minute. Its maximum resolution is  1,200 x 1,200 pixels (improved by software) , which achieves good quality for all kinds of physical documents that it is capable of scanning. Its optical or absolute resolution is 600 dots per inch.  As for grayscale scans, it is able to accurately detect and record up to 256 different levels.

brother ads2400n

Also interesting is the data about the reception of the paper, which offers a capacity of up to 50 pages to automate the scanning process thanks to its automatic document feeder. This makes it convenient to leave a busy scanner to-do list without paying attention. All this with the design and engineering of the rollers designed by Brother , a point in which their scanners and printers excel by minimizing the risk of paper jams and the consequent damage that this can cause to the document that is being scanned.

Additionally, this scanner is loaded with other technologies and sensors that make it ICA, ISIS, TWAIN, WIA, and SANE compliant . It is capable of detecting the presence of paper (useful to avoid skipping in the digitization), it supports multifeed and the aforementioned double-sided scanning.

Its paper feed holders and special rollers allow this scanner to digitize almost any content, from plain A4 paper sheets to plastic cards. That is, from 51mm x 51mm documents to 215.9mm (width) x 297mm (height) papers. In terms of paper types, it supports flat paper, thin paper, thick paper, recycled paper, business cards, and plastic cards up to 1.4mm thick .

brother ads2400n

Extra features

Of this Brother ADS-2400N scanner, we must also mention its simple keypad. More specifically, the three function buttons on the left. These are customizable items with which to save recurring or quick functions for the scanner to carry out with a single tap. For example, you can set the first button to have the scanner create a PDF document, the second to attach the content as an email attachment, and the third to automatically save the digital copy of the document in a network folder. Tools that significantly facilitate repetitive work and save users time.

It also has a USB 2.0 port that allows you to connect pendrives with a maximum capacity of 64 GB . One used to directly save the digitized content in this space without requiring a computer to control the management.

brother ads2400n

Compact and functional

The first thing that surprises about this Brother ADS-2400N is its small size. Of course, not to the point of models like the Brother DS-920DW . This is helped by its design, which uses extensible paper collection and feeding trays that can be adapted to each type of document. Something that allows it to be folded to occupy a minimum space in the office. Specifically, its measurements are 382 x 254 x 330 mm and has a weight of 4.5 kilograms . All this in a body that, when viewed from the side, forms a pentagon when folded. And with a really simple design that shows a control panel on the front , withthree programmable buttons and another three function buttons to control all your processes . Leave the connections at the back , where, in addition to the usual power input, this scanner has an Ethernet port to connect to a work network.

A design that goes especially well with any office environment and does not take up too much space. All in plastic but resistant materials. The design is focused on simplicity, like its technology, which only requires a couple of buttons for configuration. Its price is around 400 euros.

-Brother ADS2400N-

Brand Brother
Model ADS2400N
TypeDepartmental scanner


Scan speed 30 sheets per minute (60 sides per minute)
Resolution 1,200 x 1,200 pixels
Density 600 pixels per inch
Paper size 51mm x 51mm to 215.9mm to 297mm
Paper thickness From thin paper to plastic cards. Maximum 1.4mm thick


Principal functions Scan to:

- Attach file to email

- Create digital document

- Create digital image

- Save to network

- Send to OCR program

- Use in SharePoint

- Send via FTP, SFTP and WS SCAN

- Store in USB memory

- Send to printer

- Create PDF

Extra options Three buttons with customizable functions
Supported network protocols ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, APIPA (Auto IP), WINS / NetBIOS name resolution, DNS Resolver, mDNS, LLMNR responder, Custom Raw Port / Port9100, SMTP Client, FTP Client and Server, LDAP Client, CIFS Client, SNMPv1 / v2c / v3, HTTP / HTTPS server, TFTP client and server, ICMP, Web Services (Scan), SNTP Client
2-sided scanning Yes
Paper feed Yes (up to 50 sheets)
Pre-installed apps iPrint and Scan
Compatibility TWAIN, WIA, SANE, ICA and ISIS


Measurements Width 382 mm x Depth 254 mm x Heightã €€ 330 mm
Folding Yes. Retractable trays and feeder
Weight 4.5 kilograms
Color Black
Box contentsScanner, power cord, USB 2.0 cable, DVD, quick start guide, warranty and safety guide

Other features

ConnectivityPower port, Ethernet port and USB port
Noise 68.2 dB
Power consumption 27 watts running
Memory 256 MB

+ info

Release date Now available
Manufacturer's websiteBrother

Price: 400 euros