LUFE furniture, this was our purchase of cheap furniture at the Basque IKEA

LUFE furniture, this was our purchase of cheap furniture at the Basque IKEA

They have been one of the revelations of the summer. It all started much earlier, but the truth is that an article unleashed the fever for LUFE Furniture. They were baptized as the Basque IKEA and from that moment everything overflowed . An article in a national newspaper made the people of Muebles LUFE, in Azpeitia, Guipúzcoa, catapult to success.

His philosophy is as simple as his furniture. They promote cheap furniture. Its star product is a 29 euro bed , which is also made of untreated ecological wood. A delight for those who also love natural things. But at Muebles LUFE you can buy many other things.

Beds, sofas, tables, cabinets, dressers, coat racks, chairs, benches, shelves ... In recent weeks they have not stopped and have even had to ask their customers for patience. The sheer amount of orders they have received has left them KO. But not so much as not to serve all those who have decided to bet on LUFE's ecological wood. For home reception and quick assembly.

We are used to IKEA, so the formula does not differ too much. If it weren't for a couple of important things: the quality of the wood, which is natural and the possibility of receiving the products at home. And without paying a fortune for it.

Today we tell you about our purchase at the Basque IKEA. The product that we have taken home is a stackable bed . A true star of its catalog that all those parents inspired by the Montessori philosophy are looking for. This has been our purchase. Here the results.

Furniture LUFE web

Purchase process on the LUFE Furniture website

In the boom days, Muebles LUFE's website was saturated. Nothing was working and orders were impossible. An avalanche of users prevented it. After a couple of days, the website was fully functional again. If you want to order today, you should have no problem.

The page is very well organized. It is clean and modern. You will find everything you are looking for in the top ranking. In fact, you can choose environments or go straight to the point. Go for the Beds, the Tables, the Auxiliary, the Chairs and benches or the Shelves.

We went straight for the stackable bed. This same bed is available in other stores, but for a much higher price: more than 500 euros. The price of the stackable bed at Muebles LUFE starts at 70 euros. And it can be a little more expensive if you prefer it with another finish. Thus, in the end, at most it can cost you 140 euros, with shipping costs included.

A question. The LUFE stackable bed is now a star in this store. Hence some delays in shipping may occur. Also, the Muebles LUFE team has some problems serving the painted versions. In our case this was not a problem. They tell us that the forecast is to re-supply the rest of the colors from this September.

Furniture LUFE's stackable bed as a Montessori element

As a point. Maria Montessori's philosophy recommends walk-in beds for infants and toddlers. For what? Well, to promote the autonomy of the child at all times. With a bed at ground level, the little one can get out of bed with total freedom. And there is no danger of falls.

In this case, Muebles LUFE's stackable bed fulfills this task. And it does it, in addition, for a very affordable price. Although this model that we have acquired is not varnished, the wood is noticeable - both in appearance and in touch - absolutely polished.

In case you want to apply a color or a varnish, you can always do it. You can consult the people at Muebles LUFE directly (because they also have varnishes in their store) or buy the paintings yourself. Always keeping in mind that they are not toxic and do not have strong odors.

Another very important detail: the bed is really stackable. This means that it can be stacked with others, which will be great if you have guests at home and also need to save space. You can stack as many beds as you need, always taking into account the height of the mattress.

Receiving the package and packaging

We choose to ship via Seur. Why? Because in principle it is faster and they upload it to your home . If you choose the other formula, which is cheaper, you will have to go down to the portal to get the package.

On this occasion, however, we have not been able to assess the speed. As we said, the stackable bed from Muebles LUFE has become a hit. So they are absolutely saturated with the orders.

We have waited a little over a month to receive it. The fact that they have been so aware of us has compensated us, calling us personally every time they had to communicate something about the order. Just the day before the reception they contacted by phone to confirm that the bed was already on its way.

The bed has arrived via courier. The packaging was intact, properly sealed and without any apparent damage. We have opened the package and everything was in perfect order.

Assembling the LUFE stackable bed

If you are used to assembling IKEA furniture, the operation of Muebles LUFE will not surprise you . When unpacking you will find all the pieces and utensils, perfectly arranged. What you will have to do next is access the LUFE Furniture page and, within the Assembly section, choose the furniture for which you need the instructions.

IMPORTANT: buy glue for wood. It is a recommendation that Muebles LUFE makes to us so that the assembly is much more solid and consistent.

If you don't like to waste paper, great: you have everything in digital. And even on video. The boys and girls of Muebles LUFE have made an effort to create videos for each of the furniture. So if you prefer to see it in images and with music, this modality will be great for you. You can also print the instructions. Because that's what they 're in PDF format for. 

But let's go to the assembly process. As is always the case with this kind of thing, one starts off very optimistic. The truth is that Muebles LUFE helps, because all the parts and tools are in the package . This includes screws and other mounting accessories.

The instructions are simple, picture by picture,  but you might get lost at some point. If you have already assembled furniture or are a handyman, you will not have any problem. You will be solving each setback with ease. Of course, take a good look at the instructions and use common sense, because some steps have no going back.

If you do not have the necessary tools (an automatic screwdriver, for example) you may have certain difficulties. Because in the case of our bed, the holes in the slats were not made. Beyond this, it took us about an hour and a half to assemble this bed.

Results: this is Muebles LUFE's stackable bed

The assembly result is really good. The measurements are as indicated, so in the end, if the bed is well assembled, the result should be as promised. It should be noted, on the other hand, that the bed is very light, so if you need to move or stack it, you will not have major problems. And this is an important advantage, if we compare it with other Montessori beds that exist in the market and that are much more expensive.

In short, and in view of the results, our shopping experience has been very good. Logically, as disadvantages we must indicate two that are very clear and are motivated by the same circumstance: the success that has overwhelmed Muebles LUFE in recent months.

First of all, we have to say that they  have taken a little over a month to serve us the bed . But it was something we were warned about from the start. If you are looking for something urgently, you may have to look elsewhere. Or be patient: it seems that from September they will catch up.

Second, that we couldn't get the bed with white varnish . This is a minor issue, because it was a small quirk that we can correct at any time. The wood is natural and is ready to be painted whenever we want.

Finally, we must emphasize that just the same day we received the bed, a person from Muebles LUFE contacted us via email with a very affectionate and personal tone . She asked us how everything was going and sent us a photo of how our bed could be. Here is an after-sales detail that we have loved and that, of course, we will never get when buying a product at IKEA.

For the rest, the balance between price and quality seemed more than correct. Our little girl will sleep from tonight in an ecological stackable bed from Muebles LUFE, which is inexpensive and follows the Montessori philosophy. A discovery that, if you are looking to combine everything that we have told you, is worth trying.