This trick brings you back to Clippy, the Office assistant

This trick brings you back to Clippy, the Office assistant

Windows XP and Office brought us a feature that perhaps many of us will never forget. And is that before Cortana there was a much more special assistant. Yes, we are talking about Clippy, Microsoft's virtual assistant that always appeared when we had problems in Word and other Office applications. Although Microsoft no longer includes Clippy in its program, there is a little trick to be able to continue having it on our computer. Coming up next, we tell you.

Thanks to a Google Chrome extension we can bring Clippy to our computer . The extension is called Clippy Everywhere! And it can be installed for free in your browser. To install it, we must go to this link and click install. Once installed, an animated clip will appear on the right side of the Chrome navigation bar.

Clippy in Chrome

If we surf the internet, Clippy will appear and give us tips and tricks, just like it did in Windows XP, but with much less information. As soon as we enter a website, it appears, introduces itself, and asks us if we want help. Moreover, it is also animated, like the original version. And if we go beyond him, he even falls asleep. Without a doubt, a good plugin to return those fantastic memories to Windows XP users. Although possibly, you end up uninstalling it, because it does not provide very interesting functions.

Still, it's fun to see Microsoft's first assistant again, and especially if you have Windows 10, compare it with Cortana, Microsoft's current assistant, which not only solves problems for you, but does almost everything for you. It's funny how this technology has evolved, and who knows, possibly, in a few years we will see Cortana in a Chrome extension or another browser and also have fantastic memories.