How to play a torrent while downloading

How to play a torrent while downloading

Torrent file downloads have become very popular over the last few years, thanks to a combination of factors. Among them are a high download speed, and the availability of a multitude of programs, which allow us to manage our torrent downloads in a very simple and practical way. Today we explain how you can play a torrent file while it is downloading thanks to uTorrent Web and VLC.

Play your torrent while downloading with uTorrent Web

uTorrent Web is a web application , which was introduced by the uTorrent development team in mid-2015. The goal of this application is to provide a way to download torrent files directly from the web browser. In addition, uTorrent Web has a very interesting function, which allows us to reproduce torrent while we are downloading it.

The first step we need to do in order to use uTorrent Web is to access the official website of this great tool.

Once inside, we only have to download a small file to be able to use the tool from our web browser. This is the point that we like least, since we hoped to be able to use this service without the need to install anything on our computer.

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In any case, the installation is quite simple, we just have to be a little careful since the installer will try to sneak in some additional programs that we do not want to use. We leave you some images with the options to use to avoid installing these additional programs.

When the installation is complete, uTorrent Web is ready to use.

From now on, when we go to download a torrent file from the Internet, we will be asked if we want to download it using the uTorrent Web tool. If we accept, a new tab will open in our web browser and the download will begin immediately.

A very interesting feature of uTorrent Web is that it allows us to play the content of music and video files before they are downloaded. Once we have downloaded the file, a player will appear at the top of the program window , which we can use in full screen to play the file as if we already had it on our computer.

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At the same time, a list will appear at the bottom of the interface with all the torrent files that are being downloaded. From this part of the interface, we can put any of these files to play, as well as pause their download and even delete them, if we no longer want to download them.

You can also use VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is another great program that we can use to play a torrent file while it is downloading. Its operation is very simple as we only need to run our VLC player, and open the torrent file that we are downloading.

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However, VLC needs at least 10% of the torrent file to be downloaded in order to play it properly. In addition, we can only view the part of the file that we have already downloaded.

This is because VLC plays the content directly from the file we are downloading, unlike uTorrent web, which does it through a streaming service so it does not read the data directly from the file.

These are the two best ways to play a torrent file while it is still downloading, we hope it will be very useful for you.