▷ How to reset a Windows 10 computer step by step [2019]

restore windows 10 pc

Despite the fact that Windows 10 is the most stable and fastest version of Windows, it is not without problems related to the performance and operation of the system. Whether it's to fix a problem with your computer's hardware or to free up space, resetting Windows 10 to its original factory state is one of the most effective methods . It is even more advisable since Microsoft introduced several options that allow us to restore a Windows computer without having to completely format the hard drive.

Option 1: reset Windows 10 through system options

The simplest option when it comes to resetting a computer is based on using the Windows 10 Reset options . This option is ideal for those users who are not very expert in the field and who do not want to install the system drivers and programs manually.

To do this, the first thing we will have to do is write the words "Recovery options" in the Windows search bar of the Start menu .

reset windows 10 computer

Once inside the mentioned menu, we will click on the Start button in the Reset this PC section . The Restore program will then start and ask us if we want to keep the personal files on the system - not the programs - or if we prefer to delete everything.

reset windows 10 computer 2

Whichever option we choose, the program will begin to remove all Windows data and restore the system image to the original version of Windows 10. During this entire process, the computer is likely to relapse on several occasions.

When you have finished installing the new image, Windows will start normally with all drivers and drivers installed.

Option 2: format Windows 10 from a USB stick

In the event that we prefer to clean the hard drive thoroughly and install all the programs and drivers manually, the best option for this is to format Windows 10 from a USB drive , which can be a pendrive or an external hard drive.

The process to install Windows 10 on a USB is very simple, and all we will have to do is download the Windows 10 disk tool from this link.

media creation tool windows 10

When we have downloaded the tool in question, we will only have to follow the traditional Next and Next process and select the option to Create installation media to download the Windows 10 image automatically.

Finally we will choose the USB drive to mount the image in question, but not before making a backup copy of all the files that are in the memory , since it will be completely erased. Before starting the deletion process, it is advisable to make a backup copy of the files on the hard drive, as they will be completely deleted.

Once the installation process on the USB has finished, the next thing we will have to do is start the computer from the removable memory that we have just mounted to install Windows. Since the process depends on each brand and model of PC, we recommend that you follow this guide to change the BIOS boot order on any computer.

reset windows 10 pc

Within the Windows Installer, the process from now on is as simple as the one explained above. We just have to click Next and accept the terms of use. Since we will reinstall the system completely, we will have to enter the product key again and select the Custom option in Installation type .

reset windows 10 2

Finally, we will select the hard drive where we have the current version of Windows installed (it usually corresponds to the largest disk) and click on the Format option . Once it has finished deleting itself completely, we will give it the New option and we will assign it a name and a specific size.

reset windows 10

Now we can proceed to install the system from scratch by clicking on the Next option, having chosen the drive that we just formatted.