▷ The 5 best alternatives to aTube Catcher to download music [2019]

atube catcher alternatives 2019

aTube Catcher is one of the oldest programs to download music from YouTube and convert MP4 files to MP3. Unfortunately, the application for Windows, Mac and Linux has been degenerating over time. Currently, the program has a multitude of advertising that greatly tarnishes its user experience. The good thing is that there are many alternatives to aTube Catcher in 2019 capable of downloading videos, music and all kinds of files from YouTube. A few days ago we showed you nine alternative applications to uTorrent to download Torrent on Android and another nine alternatives to The Pirate Bay to download Torrent. Today we bring you five alternatives to aTube to download MP3 and MP4 from YouTube.

Free Studio

free studio atuber catcher

One of the simplest programs to download music on Windows and Mac for free from YouTube. Its operation is very simple, we just have to paste the URL in question of the video and then we will choose some of the options to download the file.

Like aTube Catcher, it also has the ability to convert local MP4 files to Mp3 and even has a small editor to trim the selected video or song. Another function that it integrates is a native screen recorder to capture the image and sound of our computer.



One of the most popular programs on the Internet to download videos not only from YouTube, but also from other video sources . We can also download the audio of the video in question, although generally the format will be M4A instead of MP3.

Functionally, it is somewhat more complex than the rest of the alternatives to aTube Catcher, since we will have to start the downloads manually. The good thing is that unlike other programs, this one downloads the videos and audio at the highest quality and simultaneously . Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Java-based systems.

Free Music & Video Downloader

free music video downloader

It does not have many options, but its operation is really simple if what we want is a program to download music from YouTube. Like JDownloader, it has the option to download videos directly from YouTube . Fortunately, we can download a multitude of songs at the same time.

Among its most outstanding options we find the possibility of downloading the cover of the song in question and the option to convert songs to MP3 directly. It integrates a search engine with which we can download the tracks directly without having to access the YouTube page.


keep vid

If we prefer to use online programs to download YouTube videos and MP3s, we can always turn to Keepvid. The tool in question allows us to perform practically the same functions as the previous ones. The main advantage over these is that it allows you to download videos from practically any web page. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook… We can also choose the quality of the MP3 and MP4 file to download (Full HD, 360 kbps etc.) .

Its main disadvantage is that it does not allow the download of files simultaneously , but at least we can download them without any type of weight or size limit. Of course, we must be careful when dealing with advertising.

Download YouTube

download youtube

The very name of the tool indicates this. Like Keepvid, we can download any YouTube video to different formats and even MP3. The best thing about this is that it allows direct downloading of YouTube videos by changing the direction of the video to that of the online program. For example, if the URL of the video is www.youtube.com/lvtNqzOBBeE we can download it directly by typing  www.bajaryoutube.com/lvtNqzOBBeE .

We can choose the download quality and its format, although it will be limited to HD in MP4 and 128 kbps in MP3 .