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If there is one easily identifiable character in the world of video games , it is Pac-Man . This kind of yellow ball was born from the inspiration of Toru Iwatani. Legend has it that Pac-Man came to Iwatani's head when he was eating pizza and took a slice . The form that the dough took without that piece enlightened this developer to create one of the most successful video games in history. More than 30 years after that Pac-Man come and swept in arcadesAround the world, the word "coconut-eater" (an allusion to game mechanics) continues to be synonymous with video games.

Pac-Man can boast along with Tetris and a few other titles, having survived the passage of time, as this game and its many variants and imitations continue to be played by millions of players around the world. Perhaps that is why Namco Bandai-s and has encouraged resurrect classic with a new version for the operating system Android from Google . From now on, all mobile phones and tablets under this platform will be able to play Pac-Man for free , both in its original mode and in a new tournament mode that aims to unite players from all over the world. Then we leave you with thedirect link to Google Play where you can download free PAC-MAN + Tournaments

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Dozens of people milling around a Pac-Man arcade machine was a common sight in an arcade from the early and mid-'80s . The craze for the game not only generated long queues to be able to put a coin, but also built a whole legion of expert players capable of passing the game based on having memorized the best route to finish each of the screens. In this sense, the magazines of the time were full of advice for the player to follow these routines and to finish Pac-Man following a pattern. However, the fun of Pac-Manlies in playing without thinking, trying to eat all the balls as fast as possible without the ghosts Inky, Blinky Pinky and Clyde catching us.

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With this new PAC-MAN + Tournaments we can remember those classic screens and play many new ones thanks to a new number of maps created for the occasion and which are constantly updated. The main novelties compared to the original Pac-Man are the ability to compete against our friends and touch control on our mobile or tablet. To move Pac-Man we have a virtual Joystick that simulates the mythical arcade lever, although we can also rotate by sliding our finger through the labyrinth towards the desired direction.

As Pac-Man does not need any more introduction, we are going to leave you with the direct link to Google Play where you can download PAC-MAN + Tournaments and start remembering old times. Although it is possible that this version is a discovery for a new generation of players who have never experienced the stress of being about to be swallowed by a ghost.

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