Huawei Mediapad T1 8 Pro, 8-inch tablet with aluminum body

Huawei Mediapad T1 8 Pro

The Huawei Mediapad T1 8 Pro is a simple multimedia tablet for users who want an inexpensive device without sacrificing design. And this equipment wears a thickness of only 7.9 mm with body aluminum . Without a doubt, a material that enhances the appeal of the Mediapad T1 8 Pro . In addition, users will be able to opt for a configuration with a 4G module to be able to surf the Internet through mobile networks anywhere. All completed by a panel HD IPS type, a rear camera simple to 5 megapixels a quad - core processor or 16 GBinternal storage. The Huawei Mediapad T1 8 Pro can be obtained both in Phone House and in Orange at a starting price of 160 euros. We tell you its main characteristics and the different modalities in which you can take it.

One of the keys to the Mediapad T1 8 Pro is in its design. Despite being a tablet that falls within the entry range, the Chinese company has wanted to reinforce its appeal with a design worthy of its mid and high range, although a step below models such as the Huawei Mate S or the Huawei P8 . Thus, this model sports a very remarkable fineness of only 7.9 millimeters and brings its weight to 360 grams . Very competitive figures that are complemented by the use of an aluminum body.

We are talking about a team with a compact 8-inch format, with a panel with IPS technology. This technology favors bright images and, above all, wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. The display features HD resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels , resulting in a density of 189 dots per inch. It is a medium level of detail, which works well for a typical use of the tablet in apps or navigation, but it can be a bit short for powerful games, videos or high-quality movies.

Huawei Mediapad T1 8 Pro

Within the field of multimedia it has introduced a humble set of cameras with a target of 5 - megapixel in the rear and a target of 2 - megapixel front for selfies or videoconferencing apps. It is also not a very powerful tablet, with the use of a quad-core processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. As we have seen on the web, there are two different versions that we can take as we look for more space or more advanced connectivity. Through Phone House, the configuration that is marketed includes 16 GB of internal memory but does not have a 4G module.While if we choose to buy it directly through Orange , the configuration goes down to 8 GB of memory but incorporates a 4G module. This feature can give us a lot of play if we want to stay connected anywhere without having to search for a public access WiFi point or using mobile data.

Other common connections are Bluetooth 4.0 for syncing compatible devices and a MicroSD card slot up to 32GB . The last detail that has been highlighted is a battery with a capacity of 4,400 milliamps that promises a 30% more efficient power consumption thanks to Huawei's own technologies .

To get this tablet you have to buy it through Phone House or Orange . In the first case, its cash price is placed at 160 euros (the 8 GB version and WiFi). To buy it in cash at Orange, we can choose to buy it together with a contract fee of 156 euros and without permanence. Or buy the device without any fee for 175 euros . It is also available in installments with a rate of 3.5 euros per month (for 24 months).

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