Myspace still exists and is very easy to hack

Myspace still exists and is very easy to hack

In a very short time, Myspace will be no less than 14 years old. Years ago we all had an account because that was the best. If you were on the Internet, you had, at least, Fotolog and Myspace. We could say that, respectively, they were the Instagram and Facebook of the time. Much has changed since then and, while Fotolog no longer exists, Myspace continues to occupy bandwidth on network servers.

We do not know if or when Justin Timberlake, owner of Myspace, will shut down the service. What we do know, thanks to information provided by The Next Web, is that it is a tremendously easy page to hack. Your Myspace page is probably still active. You can check it right now. And, who knows, you might have photos or sensitive information. Exposed and accessible material for any computer scientist with a certain level of knowledge. Do you remember your Myspace account?

It is possible to recover a Myspace account even if the email it was associated with no longer exists. You simply have to fill out the questionnaire that we include below. The more information you contribute, Myspace says, the more likely you are to be able to 'get' your account. And we put 'recover' in quotes because yes, it can be yours. Or not. Someone may want to log into your old account. And put as much information as you know about yourself.

myspace account access

Information such as the email with which the account was registered and a current one; name, username and date of birth. All this in an automated process, without the need to validate old emails. The username can be obtained through the URL of the site . Birth date? From your Facebook account. And we already have a nice hacked Myspace account. With all the photos exposed.

So from here we recommend that you go to Myspace and close your account. Try different usernames that you used to use at the time. How long have you not checked if your Myspace account is still open? If you do your research, you could be in for a surprise. And remember, it is as easy to delete it as it is to have it stolen. It is in your hand to take action on the matter.