The funniest memes of Book Day to share with family and friends

The funniest memes of Book Day to share with family and friends

The State of Alarm, which is active with the aim of stopping the Covid-19 pandemic, has meant that all citizens have to be confined to our homes, leaving them only to carry out essential activities. For example, walking our dog, buying food, the press etc. The bookstores are not open, as they are not considered a staple product (although not for everyone). This year, the Day of the Book (Sant Jordi in Catalonia), we have to celebrate it in a different way: there are no stands on the streets. Nor roses. But at least we have the memes. Here I show you the funniest images of Book Day to share with family and friends. 

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Happy book day


Surely you feel identified with one of these images . Perhaps today is a good time to read that book that you bought but did not read, or to reread that one that you did not understand, to see if now you keep the story. Of course, if you have boasted of a book that you have not read, try reading it.

You, me and everyone


Possibly this is the meme that represents me the most . And, even though I have many unread books at home, the books that have just come out always attract my attention. Send this meme to that family member or friend who has a tower of unread books at home and who still buys new books.

Less Face ...


Less Facebook and more book. A perfect meme to send to that friend or family member who is hooked on Facebook. Remind him that he can take advantage of his time on social media to read a good book.

Book or summary?


Send this meme to that friend who always chooses to read the book summary. Why read a 600 page book when you can read a 30 page summary? If you feel represented with this image, I recommend that you give the book a try, you will see that there are very interesting details that the summary does not count.

Now everyone reads


Everybody reads on book day . But ... what happens the rest of the days? Reading is not prohibited. Send this meme to that friend or relative who only recommends books or boasts of reading on book day, but the other days of the book, he only sees paper in the bathroom.

The day of the book, the best day


And I don't mean Book Day , but the day when I book. I don't even want to imagine when I'm off on Book Day. The meme that most represents us, so you should send it to all your friends on WhatsApp.

What we want?


The strange event of wanting a new book when we have several unread at home.

Paper beats technology


A very funny cartoon, and that represents many readers. Technology comes in handy for many things. We can even read on a mobile, tablet or E-book. But when we run out of battery ... This doesn't happen to a book.

What do you want me to take it with?


Today is a good day to give a book as a gift (even if it is in digital format or by sending it to you through Amazon). Of course, do not give a book to a dragon. You have no way to catch it. This meme represents a lot the current state of most users. How do you want me to take that book if we have to maintain social distance?

A book or a cat?

book day meme 03

The truth is that I would not know what to choose. Maybe read a good book while petting a cat.

Happy Book Day!