How to remove a stuck disc from PlayStation 4

How to remove a stuck disc from Playstation 4

One of the biggest fears for users of the PlayStation 4 family consoles is that a Blu Ray disc will get stuck inside the system. In this article we explain a very simple trick that you can use to eject a jammed disc inside the PlayStation 4 . To do this you will only need a Philips type screwdriver and a few minutes.

PS4 Pro and Slim

First, we will see the process to eject a stuck disc on the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim models.

Ejecting a disc that is stuck in the latest versions of the console is really easy . Sony thought throughout the time of designing these models, so both have a practical system that allows us to eject a jammed disc very easily.

To eject a jammed disc in the Sony console, you just have to follow the steps described below.

The first step you must do is turn off your PlayStation 4 console and disconnect it from the electrical current . Once it's completely powered off and unplugged, remove the HDMI cable and any cables you may have attached.

Once everything is unplugged, place the PlayStation 4 console face down on a smooth, stable surface to avoid slipping and accidental damage to your console.

Remove the cover that you will see above the PlayStation logo that is on the bottom of the console. The manual ejection system for the jammed disc is hidden under this cover.

eject stuck disc on PS4 Pro and Slim

Take a Phillips-type screwdriver and use it to turn the uncovered screw counter-clockwise. You may need to turn the screw several turns to make the console eject the stuck disc.

eject stuck disc on PS4 Pro and Slim 2

Once you have removed the jammed disk from your PlayStation 4 game console, you can now reconnect it to enjoy it again.

Original PS4

In the case that you have an original PlayStation 4, also known as a fat model, the procedure is somewhat different, although just as simple.

The first part of the process is exactly the same, so you need to turn off the console , disconnect it from the power, and remove all the cables that it has connected.

With the console turned off and all cables disconnected, place it face up in front of you so that the front is facing to the left . In this way, the PlayStation logo at the top will be on your right.

Now place the palms of your hands on top of the console so that each hand is to one side of the dividing line on the console. After that, apply gentle pressure to slide the top panel off the original PlayStation 4. When the diaper had slipped about 7 mm you will hear a small click that will indicate that the panel has been released.

eject stuck disc on original PS4

After hearing the click, lift the panel starting from the left side to reveal a screw with the PlayStation symbols. Take your Phillips screwdriver and turn this screw counterclockwise to be able to remove the hard drive from the console.

eject stuck disc on original PS4 2

Once you've removed the hard drive, you will be able to see the manual eject screw stuck inside the console. Turn the screw counter-clockwise until the disc is ejected. It may take several turns of the screw to activate the manual eject system.

eject stuck disc on original PS4 3

Put the panel back, mount your console and check that everything works correctly.

eject stuck disc on original PS4 4

It's that simple to eject a jammed disc from your PlayStation 4, share the post so it can help all users who need it.