4 free programs to clean the Windows 10 registry


Time ends up taking its toll on the computer system. The addition of new programs and utilities ends up being inevitable . In the end we find a machine that slows down every time. Even if we have been careful, and we have eliminated those applications that are not useful , the registry ends up riddled with useless queues, which no longer slow down operations or cause errors. The Windows registry ends up accumulating piles of entries that are no longer needed, especially if a large number of programs and drivers have been installed. To alleviate this problem, we can use specialized software to clean the registry . On this occasion, we have selected four free utilitiessuitable for cleaning the Windows 10 registry , which are also compatible with other previous versions. These are CCleaner Free , EasyCleaner , Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner .

1) CCleaner Free

The free version of this tool offers various functions that go beyond just cleaning the registry. It is also very easy to use. CCleaner Free helps to optimize computer performance. Works with all versions of Microsoft operating systems from Windows 10 to XP. It helps to get rid of junk files and duplicate files, allows you to analyze the use of the hard disk and decide which applications are executed at startup. You can solve a wide variety of registry-related issues with one click. You have to perform the program updates manually. It is also available in paid versions: Professional (about $ 20) and Professional Plus (about $ 40).

wise registry cleaner

2) EasyCleaner

It is available both to install on the machine itself and in a portable version, which can be carried on a USB key. It includes a full range of maintenance tools, apart from the registry cleaner. It is easy to find duplicate or temporary files, and delete them. EasyCleaner also helps eliminate useless shortcuts. Its system requirements are minimal, and it even works on very old systems like Windows 95.

3) Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

The interface design of Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is really minimalist. The entire program is designed for those users looking for true simplicity. The user can choose which parts of the record she wants to review. First, you can do a scan, and then fix the inputs. Another option is to repair directly.

4) Wise Registry Cleaner

It is a very effective registry cleaning software. It allows to fix errors and speed up the system. Wise Registry Cleaner can perform scheduled scans in the background while the user is performing other tasks. You can choose from three options when scanning the registry: normal, safe, or deep. The latter is suitable for advanced users who will also be able to customize which areas of the registry they want to review and which ones to exclude.