SPC Internet MP4 Player 1GB - Thoroughly

SPC Internet MP4 Player 1GB - Thoroughly 3

If digital music players have been called "MP3 players" to dry, those that also support video have been classified as " MP4 players " . This is the case of this model from the firm SPC Internet , a pocket computer that offers music, photos, video, radio and much more. All condensed into a simple, portable and inexpensive device.


This multimedia player from SPC Internet is characterized by its minimal design . It is literally pocket dimensions 77 x 10 x 47 mm and less than 60 grams . Of course, within its smallness, it presents a 2.4-inch screen to view videos, photos, texts and navigate through its different menus.

A fairly compact device , which also integrates a microphone and speaker in a very small space, in case we want to record our voice or play songs without the help of headphones. Next to the screen are the three main buttons with which we will access the different options, leaving the volume control on one side. As for the colors, it is available in black and white .

Multimedia simplicity

It has a size very similar to models that only play music, but it adds video in AVI, photos in JPG and BMP and a text reader in TXT . Quite common formats that add to the classic MP3 and WMA for songs. The truth is that this SPC player does a little bit of everything: it has an FM radio tuner and a recording system for both the sound of our favorite stations and our own voice (through an integrated microphone ).

SPC Internet MP4 Player 1GB - Thoroughly 3It is an inexpensive device that performs all functions with just the right, necessary and sufficient performance for the average hobbyist . To store the files, it has an internal memory of 1 gigabyte (there are also models with double). In addition, the memory can be expanded thanks to its miniSD card slot .

When listening to the sound of songs, videos or the radio, we can do it through headphones or with a low-power integrated speaker .

Who wants this MP4 player from SPC Internet?

Someone looking, above all, for a compact, pleasant design and both simplicity and comfort at a good price : this multimedia player costs only 80 euros . A device easy to handle , which barely noticeable in your pocket and can be a pretty companion comfortable pa go listen to our songs and radio favorites, without giving to see some video from time to time or show photos to friends on your small screen .


The variety of functions in such a small and inexpensive device , the good compact design , as well as its discreet size are important… But perhaps one of the most impressive things is the ease of transferring new files . You just have to connect it to the computer and drag the files with the mouse . No need to install drivers (in Windows) or use any special software .

It can improve

The video playback is based on the format AVI . It is the most widespread standard, but not all videos with the AVI extension use the same codecs . To avoid these problems, a program is included to quickly convert the files for playback.

Data sheet

Weight and measurements77 x 10 x 47 mm

57 grams

Memory1 GB / 2 GB internal flash memory expandable by miniSD cards
screen2.4 inch TFT LCD

262,000 colors

MultimediaImages: JPEG, BMP

Music player: MP3, WMA (includes external speaker) Video player: AVI (includes converter software)

Text Playback: TXT

FM radio tuner with 20 presets (radio recording) Voice recording (built-in microphone)

Controls and connections

On / Off buttons

Navigation buttons and volume control

Minijack 3.6 mm headphones

MiniSD card slot

MiniUSB port for connection with PC and battery charging (includes adapter cables)

Seven equalization profiles

Connectivity3.5 mm headphone jack

USB 2.0 adapter

Dock connection

Wireless: Wi-Fi

Autonomy15 hours of music playback
Price80 euros
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