Nero TuneItUp Pro, we have tested it

nero tuneinup pro

The daily use of a computer directly influences its wear. And we do not mean the merely physical . Who has not noticed that, over time, your computer opens Internet pages slower , takes longer to start , or can no longer move programs as it did at the beginning? A necessary evil that comes when installing different programs , games and applications , browsing the Internet and collecting a multitude of cookies, or after a more or less intensive and careless use of the computer. Something that all users suffer, but that affects newcomers more, who do not know the consequences of certain actions or this process of attrition until it is too late. At that point the only thing left to do is to delete or delete all the information from the computer to leave it as just bought, or use the tool that Nero proposes : TuneItUp Pro .

This is a program developed by Nero to help users get their computer back in shape . For this, it has assistance from the moment the PC is turned on, knowing which programs are started in the first moment , what temporary files are collected when browsing the Internet and what other documents are only taking up memory space and feeding on the computer's resources. Thus, it is able to analyze everything and, what is better, provide a solution. All this to re-agile the device (desktop or laptop) and make it work like the first day. Something that we have been able to verify first hand and that we comment in detail below.

nero tuneinup pro

The first thing to do, of course, is to install the Nero TuneItUp Pro program . A simple and practically automated process that should not be a major problem for any user with a basic level. From here, the good thing about this program is that it is completely automatic , acting in the background when analyzing and suggesting adjustments and optimizations . In addition, the user can forget about it, since it will notify them by means of on-screen notices if there is an error that can be corrected or any option that can be carried out so that the computer works more agile.. All this without implying a true interference in the user's daily life, beyond any eventual notification without sound. But is it an easy tool to use ? For all audiences?

Its design means that, despite all the measures and solutions that it can propose , its use is quite comfortable and intuitive . It is true that it can be overwhelming for those users to whom the concepts such as Drivers, Cookies, Internet registry or data manager . But its user experience is guided, and its menu and button design allow you to know where to press at all times , even if it is not clear what consequences such actions will bring.

nero tuneinup pro

Thus, the user must first face the main screen, where the application divides its functionalities into two groups. On the one hand the basic questions , which allow you to get rid of temporary files and Internet- related items . On the other hand, the Pro section , which analyzes and optimizes the operation of the computer by reviewing programs already installed and eliminating services that are active, or even by modifying the computer's settings and controls. Just start Nero TuneItUp Pro and the program will analyze the problems and show them well divided between these two sections.

Within the Basic section , the screen is divided between automatic bug fixes , and bugs that can be fixed manually . These refer to traces left on the computer after browsing the Internet and other similar records. Thanks to the Nero interface , it is possible to see at a glance which features have the most errors to solve , being possible to click on the Details arrow to see them first-hand and act individually . Or, if you trust the good work of this tool, by clicking on the yellow Optimize button. Of course, in the case of manual errors it is necessary to actively review them , since they are issues that the Nero tool cannot solve on its own.

nero tuneinup pro

For its part, the Pro section includes more advanced functions that have to do with other programs installed on the computer. Issues such as startup applications , those tools that are loaded as soon as the computer is turned on to have them at hand and that are not always used, wasting resources. But also other features for fast Internet browsing or Microsoft services that can give your computer a break if they are disabled. Issues that do not compromise the security of the computer or its proper functioning. For its part, the manual errors section collects problems such as updating programs anddrivers . An arduous task that Nero TuneItUp collects in the same section and that allows it to be carried out without searching one by one for the programs to be updated.


There is no doubt that Nero TuneItUP Pro does its job. Something that is clearly noticeable in the operation of the computer after one of its optimizations . Partly because by disabling many of the features and freeing up temporary memory, fluidity can return to your computer. But above all it is noticeable by deconfiguring the operation that the user had on his computer . Details such as user accounts of social networks , settings of some programs, or tools that no longer start automatically when the computer is turned on. Something that can be a real nuisance for the most detailed user, but that keeps the good behavior of the computer at bay.

nero tuneinup pro

Now, in favor of Nero TuneItUp Pro, it must be said that it is completely customizable . And, before clicking on the Optimize button , the user can click on the Details button of each function to know what it will affect and what issues will be modified. All this with explanatory messages when placing the pointer over each function. A somewhat arduous task that involves arm yourself with patience for those who do not know what each function is. In addition to taking into account that there are hundreds of details that the user can configure between the Basic section and the Pro section .

Apart from this, on the main screen of the tool we find an Ultra Fast operating mode . A help that frees the computer's resources from those unusual programs and services to achieve a more fluid and agile operation at specific times . It also has basic information about the user's computer such as the processor , motherboard and graphics card , as well as the current temperature and the percentage of use of resources .

nero tuneinup pro

Finally, it has a Restore button to launch the Windows tool that allows you to return the computer's operation to a previous state , thus collecting in the same program all the functions and possible needs that users have with a computer that works slowly or badly. .


With all this in mind, and after the tests carried out, we can say that Nero TuneItUp Pro is a useful tool for novice users or users with basic computer knowledge who are not capable of performing manual maintenance tasks , or who are confused at the time use your computer and end up full of residual files , running slowly . And it is that it is especially comfortable to carry out these cleaning tasks , putting the computer back in shape with basic questions. Although with the counterpoint of disrupting the user's usual configuration .

The key is that it manages to speed up the computer again , making things like starting it or some processes that had been saturated by files and services work with fewer loading seconds . The question is whether, for this, the user is willing to sacrifice settings and other details to which they may already have become accustomed. Of course, the real alternative is to format the computer so that everything is as fresh from the factory.

nero tuneinup pro

The Nero TuneItUp Pro tool is priced at 50 euros , although as a launch offer it is possible to get it for 30 euros in total . A solution for less educated users who do not know what is wrong with their computers and who want a quick and convenient solution . However, it may not be as useful for users with advanced knowledge , who surely know how to keep their programs and settings at bay to prevent them from consuming computer resources. Although this Nero tool is really comfortable for certain tasks such as cleaning up temporary files and histories. Questions that may not be seductive enough for the full price of the tool for the most experienced in the world of computing. The program can be downloaded from its official website , where you can also carry out the purchase process .