Samsung HU 7500

Samsung HU 7500

your expert RecommendSouth Korean company Samsung spans far beyond the mobile phone device market. One of them is that of high-end televisions , a market in which we can find televisions with ultra-high-definition screens , televisions with curved screens and even televisions with screens that curve to suit the user . But this time we will focus on the range of TVs from Samsung HU 7500 , which includes televisions with flat screens with 4K resolution ( 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution) technology and Smart TV from Samsung. Let's get to know more about this range of products.

Samsung HU 7500

Size and layout

The Samsung HU 7500 range of TVs is available in four screen sizes48 (ie 121 centimeters), 55 (ie 138 centimeters), 65 (ie 163 centimeters) and 75 (ie 189 centimeters) inches . Dimensions of the smaller version ( 48 inches ) is about  1072.7 x 660.4 x 269.9 mm size , and about 17.3 kilograms of weight, while the larger version ( 75 inch ) size reaches 1676.2 x 1006.4 x 340.0 millimeters and a weight of 43.7 kilograms, including in both cases the support.

Regarding their design, the televisions of the Samsung HU 7500 range are made up of a front with a metallic finish housed in a frame that reaches 7.3 millimeters thick. The base - that is, the base support - is T-shaped , and also has a metallic color finish in conjunction with the design of the television.

Samsung HU 7500

Image definition

Range TVs Samsung 7500 HU reach a type resolution 4K , which results in a resolution of  3,840 x 2,160 pixels . This resolution is complemented by Color Brilliance technology , which is capable of displaying images with bright, natural colors . The quality of the screens on these televisions is four times higher than the Full HD models , which translates into one of the highest picture qualities on the market. And to ensure that the high resolution does not affect the reproduction of content on the screen, Samsung has decided to incorporate in these televisions a CMR frequency of1,000 Hz .

In addition, the televisions of the Samsung HU 7500 range disprove one of the biggest myths that exist in relation to these products. To take advantage of these televisions, it is not essential to reproduce content only in high definition , since the televisions themselves are capable - thanks to image scaling technology - of displaying low resolution content with an image quality similar to Ultra HD .

Moreover, the range HU 7500 from Samsung also supports the display of content in three dimensions ( 3D ). For this, Samsung incorporates with each television two 3D glasses (model SSG-5100GB ) that allow you to enjoy high-definition images in three dimensions, all without losing a minimum of image quality. These televisions incorporate a 2D to 3D image converter technology  , in such a way that the user has the possibility of converting any two-dimensional image (a movie, for example) to the three-dimensional format.

Samsung HU 7500

Smart TV and interface

The televisions of the Samsung HU 7500 range are characterized by their Smart TV system , which allows you to carry out options that until a few years ago were unimaginable within the flat screen TV market. First of all, these televisions incorporate a quick start-up that, thanks to Instant On technology , makes the TV turn on in less than two seconds from when we press the button on the remote .

Once the television is turned on, the user accesses a viewing experience that has little or nothing to do with the concept that many people still have of televisions. The televisions of the Samsung HU 7500 range incorporate Smart TV technology , which makes them smart televisions that, far beyond television channels, incorporate the functions of a multimedia computer. These televisions incorporate applications that not only allow you to watch movies and series through apps such as Atresmedia or , but also allow other functions such assurf the Internet , check the bank accountlisten to music through Spotify , make video calls through Skype or play games like Apalabrados , among many other applications available in the Samsung Apps store .

In addition to the applications, the Smart TV technology of the Samsung HU 7500 range allows other additional functions such as Multi-Link Screen (to view up to four screens simultaneously on the TV, although it is only available on certain models), Smart View 2.0 (to play streaming content from a mobile phone or tablet) or Advanced Soccer Mode (for true soccer lovers, includes options such as repeating plays with zoom mode , social media comments in real time, etc.).

Thanks to Motion Control technology and with an additional camera accessory , the TV is also able to recognize the movements of the user's hand to execute commands such as changing channels , increasing or decreasing the volume , opening the menu or loading applications .

Samsung HU 7500

Power and connections

The televisions of the Samsung HU 7500 range are much more than simple televisions, and therefore incorporate high-end technical specifications that make the operation of the interface possible. These televisions house a quad- core processor that brings all the features of Smart TV technology to life .

In terms of physical connections, the televisions that are part of the Samsung HU 7500 range incorporate four HDMI inputs , three USB inputs , one component input ( Y / Pb / Pr ), one composite input ( AV ), one Ethernet input , a headphone input , an optical digital audio output , an RF input , an IR output and an input that supports MHL technology . In the part of wireless connectivity these televisions have WiFi andWiFi Direct .

Samsung HU 7500

Energy consumption

A section also to take into account in the latest generation televisions is energy consumption. According to the official figures of Samsung , the smallest TV range Samsung HU 7500 ( 48 - inch ) achieves a power consumption of 216 W at full capacity, while in mode standby consumption is reduced to 0.3 W . From a more global point of view, Samsung indicates that this TV generates an approximate annual consumption of 141 kWh . The largest television, the 75-inch , offers somewhat higher figures: 333 W consumption during power-up and0.3 W of consumption during sleep mode, while the approximate annual consumption reaches 245 kWh .

Samsung HU 7500

Availability and conclusions

TVs range HU 7500 from Samsung and can be purchased at specialty stores throughout Spain . The prices of these televisions range from 1,200 euros for the 48-inch version to more than 4,000 euros for the 75-inch version .

The HU 7500 range is intended for the most demanding customers looking for a flat screen TV that offers the highest possible picture quality on the market. This image quality is complemented by Smart TV technology , which provides a completely different experience to that offered by conventional televisions. A TV connected to the Internet translates into an inexhaustible source of multimedia content, so the range TVs HU 7500 can become the best partner any lover of movies , the series and television programs .

Samsung HU 7500

ModelHU 7500


Size48, 55, 65 and 75 inches
Resolution4K (3,840 x 2,160)
Frequency1,000 Hz
TechnologiesUltra Clear Panel

UHD upscaling

Wide Color Enhancer

Movie mode



DimensionsDepending on the model
WeightDepending on the model
ColorsBlack-Metallic Silver
FormatFlat screen

Smart tv






Many more in Samsung Apps

FeaturesMultiscreen, Football mode, Movie mode, Game mode
ControlsControl with Touchpad
Mobile connectionYes, compatible with mobiles and tablets


Sound typeDolby MS11
Sound output60 W
SpeakersFront Firing + New Waveguide
TechnologiesDTS Premium Sound 5.1

3D sound


HDMIYes, 4 tickets
WifiYes, with WiFi Direct
EthernetYes, 1 entry
HeadphonesYes, 1 output
USBYes, 3 tickets
MHLYes, compatible
Component video inputYes, 1 entry
Composite video inputYes, 1 entry
ScartYes, 1 entry
OthersOptical audio output, IR output, RF input and Ethernet input

+ info

Release dateNow available
Manufacturer's websiteSamsung

Price: from 1,200 euros