Netflix trick, how to delete a movie or series from the Keep Watching section

Netflix trick, how to delete a movie or series from the Keep Watching section

It has happened to all of us, we are not going to deny it. Start watching something on Netflix with 5 stars and it turns out that it is something infumable. And then, of course, we want to erase it from our memory. But the streaming service doesn't make it easy for us. There follows the content, by the remains of the remains, imploring to be seen until the end. But there is a way to remove a movie or series from 'Keep Watching'. If you keep reading you will know how to do it and forget that happy content.

How to remove a movie or series from 'Keep Watching'

Deleting a movie or series from 'Continue Watching' is very simple, although if the process is unknown, it can give more than one headache. If you follow these steps to the letter you can finally get that infumable series out of your sight. A process that you can finish in a few minutes.

Open your Netflix account on your PC by going to this address. Once you have entered your profile (if you have more than one created) you should look for the 'My profile' section. Within your profile, you have to look in the 'Viewing activity' section.

Netflix viewing activity

Section where to delete Netflix content

This is the screen that interests us. Here absolutely everything we see (or start to see) on Netflix is ​​recorded. We have no secrets for this streaming service. In three columns, we have the viewing date, the title and the button to remove it from our list. We just have to go to the content that we want to delete and mark the X.

viewing activity

How to delete content on Netflix

As soon as you delete the content, it will be deleted from all the devices on which you have used Netflix, both tablets, mobile phones, PC and smart TV. You can finally say goodbye to that horrible comedy show that, day after day, appeared on your Netflix. A Netflix trick that you can complete with others that we have indicated on this page. Enjoy them!