10 photography tips from professional photographers

10 photography tips

The photograph is one of the most popular hobbies among people of all ages. However, getting beautiful photos does not depend only on buying professional equipment, nor is it a matter of intuition. Below we offer you 10 tips prepared by professional photographers that will help us know how to combine all the necessary qualities to be a good photographer . These tips are offered by Ziv Koren, Joel Santos, David Noton, Ilvy Njiokiktjien and Pascal Maitre , all of whom are used to working regularly with Canon brand equipment .

Have patience

One of the most frequent mistakes associated with the appearance of digital photography is wanting to shoot all the time . Using this technique, the only thing that is achieved are many photos and poor quality . The patient is one of the most important qualities of a good photographer. Knowing how to wait for the perfect catch and taking your time to analyze the errors that we are making is essential to obtain a quality final result.

Be flexible

Sometimes we have to photograph in changing light conditions, such as at sunset. We have to be flexible and know how to adapt the camera settings according to the light of each moment of the day. Flexibility is also important if we aim to never repeat the same photo . In this way, whenever we are going to shoot, making sure to slightly vary the perspective or the camera settings will ensure that we have several options when editing and keep the photograph that best tells the story we want to convey.

Learn to manage camera settings

Knowing how to handle camera settings is essential to achieve better results in less time . Controlling values ​​such as aperture or shutter time is not just theory. Although it is true that there are general rules, it is best to put our camera to the test to know it perfectly and know at all times which values ​​are the best results for each moment. For example, the maximum ISO value varies greatly depending on the type of camera we have. The most important settings that we must manage are: focus , depth of field and exposure .

Learn to choose the correct goal

Not all lenses are suitable for all situations that we may encounter when we have a camera in hand. Knowing how to choose the right objectives according to what we are going to photograph is a success. For example, we will use fixed optics when we have low light conditions , wide angles for space photography , a macro lens for detail photography or a telephoto lens to capture distant objects . In this way, it is advisable to always carry different objectives in your backpack to be prepared for any situation.

Always carry spare batteries and cards

This is the golden rule of any photographer worth his salt. Running out of battery or card space in the middle of a shoot is an unforgivable mistake for any photographer worth his salt. That is why we must prepare our equipment thoroughly before leaving home . Making a backup copy to a hard drive or to a cloud storage platform is also a very good advice so as not to worry about the space available on our cards.

10 photography tips

Use the tripod

The tripod is a very important element, especially when we want to f otografías in low light conditions . A tripod helps to improve the stability of the camera and thus get sharper images with less blur at long exposure times . You can also consider getting a remote shutter release to prevent the camera from shaking when you press the shutter ourselves.

Enhance creativity

The creativity of the "photographer's eye" is very important . Trying different angles and perspectives, especially if we have a camera with a tilting screen, is good advice. Not being afraid to shoot in bright light conditions (high or low light) can also give very good results. Finally, inspecting the space in advance for different or out-of-the-box perspectives is very important to achieve original results.

Look for simplicity in composition

Many times we want to be as faithful to reality as possible, however if we want to capture with too much information we will create the opposite effect. Looking for simplicity in compositions is a success. The landscape compositions should be simple and respect the line of the horizon , if also accompanied her a foreground object , photography charged an impressive force.

Getting closer

To take pictures of people, especially in the field of documentary photography, it is very important to get close to them. Not only to take a good portrait photo , but also to soak up the reality of the place where we are and that can guide us to interesting photographic situations. Photographing people up close will help us better capture their personality and create images that tell a unique and different story .

Never give up

Taking photos is more difficult than it seems since you have to take into account many variables that change depending on the light, the situation and the story you want to tell. However it is not impossible . Persistence and knowing how to learn from our mistakes is essential to improve our catches. Always reviewing the results and trying to know where we have gone wrong will help us, and a lot, to take pictures like those of the authentic professional photographers who have prepared these 10 tips.