5 Google Photos Features You Should Try

5 Google Photos Features You Should Try

Google Photos has been with us for a few years now, positioning itself as one of the favorite options for users when it comes to storing photos in the cloud. And reasons are not lacking. Unlimited storage, accessibility from different devices, great functionality ...

The truth is that the Google Image Gallery is an excellent application that goes far beyond a typical photo gallery. Google Photos may be a strong candidate to replace the native image management application on your smartphone device. In addition to providing exactly the same functions as any other photo organization application, it incorporates some exclusives that you surely did not know.

Of course, they are all available both in the web version and in the applications for smart devices . Do you want to know what they are? If you are curious, we advise you to take a look at the following special and see for yourself why it is worth trusting Google Photos.

It's OK to play favorites. Rolling out this week, tap the ⭐️ button to mark a photo as a favorite. Head to the Albums tab and view all your favorites in one place. pic.twitter.com/eWnSMDKQ72

- Google Photos (@googlephotos) May 21, 2018

"Favorites" function

One of our big favorites, the "Favorites" feature, was introduced to the app relatively recently. To add a photo to favorites, we will only have to click on the star that will appear in the upper right corner of any photograph that we have in the library. From this moment on, all those marked photos will appear in our favorites folder , which is created automatically from the moment we start marking images.

As if that were not enough, Google Photos will also allow other users to mark photos taken by other people as favorites and have them shared with them. In a way, this makes Google Photos have a certain social network touch.

Organization of images by places

A very useful function that we will not stop using as soon as we discover it. And is that Google Photos allows us to segment our images according to the place where they were taken to find a specific photo immediately and easily. Of course, we must bear in mind that the location of our device has to be activated at the time of taking each of the photos.

Whether you want to know where your photos were taken or simply locate a specific image in Google Photos, you have to follow these steps: Open the Google Photos application> Click on "Albums" at the bottom of the app> Then, click on the option "Places" and enter the search term.


Animations and collages

Without a doubt, one of the funniest functions. Google Photos allows you to create animations in GIF format, that is, to group a set of photos so that it appears that there is movement. The best thing is that we can share these hilarious animations with our friends on social networks to  show your photos in a different and, above all, fun way .

If we want to create a GIF with our images from Google Photos, we will have to go to the "Assistant" option that we will find at the bottom of the screen> Touch the "Create new" button> "Animation"> We choose all those images that we want to use in the animation, selecting them in the order we want them to be displayed> Once we have finished selecting the images, click on «Create» and that's it, the animation will be created immediately .

But the thing does not end there. We can continue to unleash our creativity by grouping photos into a single image as a collage. Open the app and go back to the "Assistant" option> Click on "Create new" and select "Collage"> Choose the images you want to be part of the collage up to a maximum of 9> Finally click "Create" when you have them lists.

Share library

Share photo and video files

As with another tool from the technology giant, Google Drive, from Google Photos we can share our stored images and videos so that they are visible by other users , as long as we give permission.

The process has no greater mystery. Simply choose one or more photos and / or videos, click the "Share" button and choose the destination address. This can be any social network or other accounts that want to  access a specific album  from Google Photos without having to share your user account.

If we want, we can also  share the complete collection  of video and image files through collaborator accounts. To do this, go to the app menu> Add a collaborator account> We limit (or not) the collaborator's access to the previous images when giving access permission> Finally, we will confirm the sending of the invitation.

It should be noted that we will have several options to share our files . Since allowing access to all photos, only photos of specific people or only photos with dates after the one selected, as we have indicated above.

paper bin

Recover deleted photos

It has happened to all of us that, at one point, we remember that video or image that we eliminated either due to an oversight, or because we were victims of an outburst. Don't worry, Google Photos is in everything and has a recycle bin where you can recover your deleted photos .

It is super simple. The instructions to follow are as follows: Open the options menu at the top left of the screen> Click on "Trash"> Select the photo (s) you want to recover, keeping your finger pressed for a moment> One Once you have selected all the photos, simply click on the "Reset" option.

We will have to be careful with the passage of time, since photos that have been sent to the "Trash" more than 60 days ago will be permanently deleted .

That's it. We hope you liked these tips and start giving Google Photos a shot until mastering the application.