10 board games you can buy online to learn science

10 board games you can buy online to learn science

Many children remain hooked on mobiles and tablets. But the truth is that, although it may seem not, there is life beyond the screens. And science is a very good option to get the little ones in the house entertained, but at the same time learn.

If you've been to a toy store recently, you know that the number of science games out there is huge. There are many options, proposals and variants that will delight lovers of physics and chemistry, mathematics and all the disciplines or areas of interest that science is made up of.

Today we recommend a total of ten games to buy online and learn science. Enjoy them!


1. Quimicefa Plus

If you remember, Quimicefa Plus is a mythical game about science, which will become a perfect gift for those who want to enter the world of chemistry and do it, also, in a fun way. One of the advantages of this game is that it is super complete. So much so that it contains a whopping 150 chemical experiments.

With the game the little ones will learn to measure the PH or to generate a volcano with a cola drink. Best of all, it includes a lot of accessories and supplies for conducting experiments. The game is recommended for boys and girls from 10 years old.

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2. The botanist

That a plant grows is not a miracle although it seems it . It is a fact of science, which occurs because a series of circumstances are conjured up and because humans intervene. Well, in this game, called The Botanist, we will have the opportunity to play at having our own greenhouse.

Includes seeds and all the tools to grow plants of all kinds. You will have to water and take care of them, being able to do so at any time of the year, since the most ideal conditions will be given.

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3. Women of science

You will not have to buy this game. Women of Science is a project that was born a couple of years ago and that reflects the desire to disseminate the potential of all women who for centuries have contributed so much to the world of science  and who more often than would be admissible, have not His work was recognized. The game could be purchased in English, but the truth is that there is a printable version of cards that you can download directly here.

It is a kit ready to be printed , in Spanish. It is recommended to use glossy and thick paper, which gives consistency to the letters. In this way, the game will last longer and will remain in a good state of conservation.

4. Solar System

The solar system is one of the great mysteries that humanity tries to solve by all possible means. Now children also have the opportunity to make their own inquiries with this game to discover the secrets of the solar system in three dimensions. 

In addition to the scientific component, the game exploits the artistic side , which children can explore through paintings and temperas to color the different components, planets and other elements of the solar system.

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crazy about science

5. Crazy about science

If you're looking for a game that includes many - many - science experiments, you may want to take a look at Crazy About Science. Because this one offers no more and no less than 250 experiments, most of them focused on the world of chemistry. Also included in the box are all the accessories you need to carry out the experiments. 

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trex triceratops

6. Bow playing T-Rex and Triceratops

Interested in archeology and the world of dinosaurs? In that case we have Archaeo playing T-Rex and Triceratops, a Clementoni game that is nothing more than a scientific and archaeological set, in which players will have to excavate skeletons of dinosaurs that glow in the dark . It is the perfect gift for fans of the world of dinosaurs. The game is specially designed for boys and girls over seven years old.

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7. Electrocephaly

To introduce ourselves into the world of electroscience we have Electrocepha, another classic where they exist. The game offers players the ability to launch various electrical and electronic projects . You will see that each of the components is assigned a function.

We refer to the parts that function as switches, lamps, connectors and so on . In total, no more and no less than 100 different projects can be created.

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My first science kit

8. My first science kit

The smallest of the house also have the right to enjoy the wonders of science. This game, My First Science Kit, is a great opportunity to discover and marvel at countless experiments. We can, for example, make a funny dough, write crystalline messages, create all the colors of the rainbow or make giant soap bubbles.

In total there are a total of 15 fun experiments to do with children over 4 years old. In addition, there are two educational books with 36 pages and several tickets for different science museums.

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9. Microscope 30 experiments

Can you imagine having a microscope at home? In Microscope 30 experiments we find a 23 cm microscope with objectives, color filters and three magnifications: x200, x600 and x1200 . It also has LED lighting to make quality observations.

Many accessories are included , such as coverslips, forceps, four vials, Petri dish, micro cutter, labels, needle, and 4 specimen slides. It is an ideal game for girls and boys from 8 years old.

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National Geographic Real Fossil Site Kit

10. National Geographic Real Fossil Site Kit

Do you want to unearth authentic fossils as if you were a real paleontologist? In that case, you might want to opt for the National Geographic Real Fossil Site Kit, a game where you can unearth real dinosaur fossils , plus ammonite, coral, mosasaur tooth, coprolite, and more. The guide is super clear and practical, in addition to being rigorous and scientific, with the guarantee of National Geographic.

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